Im desperate for help!Please help! Eyelet cap fall 2009 issue of Vogue

Please help me as I have ripped out 20 times!

Pattern #9 Eyelet Cap

With dpns, cast on 12 sts and divide evenly between 3 needles. Join and pm for beg
Of rnd.
Rnd 1 Knit
Rnd 2 Pure
Rnd 3 *K2tog, yo rep from * around.
Rnd 4 Purl
Rnd 5 Knit
Rnd 6 (inc) *K1 V1; rep from * around - 24 sts.

I always end up with 23 stitches! I can’t figure it and it is driving me crazy!!
I’m doing the V1 exactly as it says and same with the yo.

Someone please help!

Thank you!

V1 - what does it say this is?

Whatever it is, it must be increasing by one stitch. so you are knit 1, then increase 1 all the way around. You start with 12 and end with 24 stitches. are you doing the last V1, the last increase after the last knit 1?

Hi Marilyn

The v1 reads as follows :

Insert left hand needle from front to back into the strand between last st worked and the
Next st on the left hand needle. Knit into front loop for an open increase.

I didn’t seem to have a prob until I counted and would always find I was off by 1.