I'm curious

as to why there are so many how-to questions in the General Knitting forum area, when there is a “How-to questions” just beneath it.

Anyone know why?

It really doesn’t matter if messages are posted in the ‘proper’ forum, General knitting may have more people reading it and posts get answered sooner. Or since it’s the one on top, people may overlook the other one.

It’s usually best to post in the proper forum, but General is sort of a catch all. Sometimes people aren’t familiar with the format or forums in general and get mixed up. I do move posts if they are obviously in the wrong forum like a “How-to” or “pattern question” in the Blog Forum or Lounge.

Sometimes I’m not really sure if a question is specifically a “how-to” and will post in General Knitting.

I appreciate that the rules here are a bit more relaxed than in some other forums I’ve been a part of. I try to post in the correct forum and trust that if I really goof up, it can be corrected.

Thanks to the mods for the great job they do. :thumbsup:

Yes, thank you mods!

I just asked because this time I was looking to see what was going on in General Knitting, expecting things like:
knitting in general
interesting new finds
maybe new yarn stores
knitting stories and experiments
some great new yarn suppliers
how the knitting world is growing
what people may have discovered knitting-wise in other countries where they travel
different methods of knitting
…etc. (at least that’s what I hope for in General Knitting).

Am I hoping for too much?

btw: I’ve been reading Stepanie Pearl McPhee’s “At Knit’s End” and enjoying it so very much. It’s laugh-out-loud funny.

Well, click on New posts when you log in and you may see any of those which may not be in the General Forum. People don’t usually seem to make that many posts about the topics you mention though.