I'm crying and on the verge of giving up knitting :(

I am working on the daisy topped hat out of itty bitty hats, I was at the point where there was just a small hole at top with 3 double pointed needles around it. So my 2 year old reaches into my bag and I grab her hand to stop her but it’s too late, she pulls two double pointed needles out. I just broke down crying. It looks horrible now and I’m not skilled enough to know how to fix this mistake. I tried to put stitches back on the needles but ended up with more than there should be. Obviously I didn’t pick up the right stitches because I now have too many and I have ladders running down a few spots. This just look atrocious, I don’t know what else to do but cry. It felt so good to see that hat coming along for my baby, now I probobly have to start over. Even if I pull out many rows, I have no idea how to re-insert the circular needle through 72 stitches. Waaaaaahhhhhhh. I just needed to vent. I’m so sad :frowning: Thanks for listening.

Now, now. check out some of us with dog stories of coming come to yarn strung out all through the house! or having to have frogged a simple scarf 4 TIMES! Unfortunately i have no idea re dpns but i’m sure someone can help!

Or the cat stories… it happens to many of us with critters, whether 2 or 4 legged.

Luckily, it can be redone!

So sorry for you. If you have a LYS you could take it and have someone help you. Do you have any friends that knit? I wouldn’t rip it out. I’m sure you could find someone that could show you how to fix it. :hug:

I would take a deep breatheand wait a day or two then calmly look at the stitches, and hope you can find the right ones! I was terrified the forst time I had to pull a couple of rows and put it back on needles!

If not like mentioned LYS will often have a sit and knit class or something similiar and someone should be able to help you out!

My dogs haven’t done the damage here, but our cockatoo ate a hole in the middle of an almost finshed lace weight thread filet crochet shawl!

There are days when being mom can be a tremendous threat to one’s sanity. Know that you did the right thing to vent here. Wildirish has the right perspective to just set it aside for now. Knitting while upset and frustrated usually leads to me being more upset and frustrated.

Here is a mom of four sending you big hugs and letting you know that you will make it to the other side of toddlerhood. :hug:

I haven’t tossed any of my DDs’ heads down the driveway yet. :muah:

i’ve made a number of those hats and they are the cutest so don’t give up!!

I’m pretty sure there is a video showing you how to save yourself, maybe by threading some contrasting thread onto a wool needle and running it through a round where you didn’t do any decreases picking up the same side of every stitch, or you could do the same thing with a thinner circular needle? then frog back to that point and off you go, does that sound like it’d work? as I say I’m pretty sure there’s video in here somewhere

ps I’ve never been able to get 6 petals onto the top of the hat, wierd but it still looks great!

definately have a break first!! Goodluck

I find that magnification really helps me undo mistakes.
I used an Optivisor but that’s only because I have one for work, there are cheaper alternatives. Check with hobby stores.

Maybe you should knit the 2 year old some thumbless mittens :wink:

have a look at inserting a needle into a destination row before unravelling in the tips section, I reckon you could make that work for you!!

Thanks everyone for your encouraging words. I have set it aside like you all told me to do and I’m trying not to think of it until I can find an expert to help me. I just can’t believe how emotional I became over this. I have been crying off and on all day since this happened. I’m so glad to know I’m not alone and that almost all knitters go through this from time to time. It’s almost like a right of passage :muah: Thanks for reeling me in. I would be lost without this forum!

I have a two year old so I know exactly how you feel. Have been there a few times myself, which is why I have my knitting on DPNs on the highest shelf available, and most other things are now knitted on circulars.

When I have to pick up stitches I usually unravel until the work looks good again except for the odd dropped stitches which can be picked up later with a crochet hook. when I get to the point where I am happy with the work I usually unravel one stitch at a time and put the one under it straight on the needle then carry on like that until all the stitches are back on the needles one at the time.
Hope that make sense to you. Your daughter sounds like a lovely inquisitive little bundle of trouble, which is just as it should be.

My thoughts too!!! Just wait till she is old enough to pick up your “work” and help you knit it:zombie: (like mine has done on a few occassions), that will really bring on the tears!!!:hair: :cheering: