I'm crocheting tonight!

It’s been YEARS since I did any crochet. I learned how when I was a young girl.:yay:

Today I was at ACMoore and a lady was talking out loud how she was looking for some SWS, (Silk, Wool, Stripe) yarn. She showed me a free pattern she had for a curly scarf using the SWS. Then when she found the yarn I fell it love with it too and the picture of the scarf!! Thats when I learned it was not knit but crochet. So I said “I can crochet”. :woohoo: I left there with three different color blends of the sws yarn and the free scarf pattern and I have already begin to crochet it. Its coming out beautiful. I’ll post a picture when its done.

I set my knitting aside for this quick project!

you can do it! the curly scarf is fun and will look so pretty! can’t wait to see…

Be warned… I did something similar about a month ago and I haven’t picked up my knitting more than once since then! LOL Crochet is rather addicting – probably because it’s much faster than knitting, so I can churn out twice as many projects in the same amount of time.

I can’t wait to see the scarf!

[B]Quilty LAdy,

Is it hard to crochet? I have knit for awhile, and I would love to learn to crochet also.[/B]

I love the look of knits but crochet is really fast. You can make more items with crochet. I am still working on a scarf I designed which is knitted. The length of it is minimum 60 inches.:shrug: I keep thinking will I ever get to the end!!! It is really a nice scarf but if it was crocheted I would have been done with it and moved on to the next project.
I don’t think you will find crochet difficult, I never did!

Well I finished the one scarf and am on a second already.:cheering: I think crochet IS faster but I knit fast anyway!! I will be looking thru the nice crochet books I have on making baby clothes. I bought them awhile ago “just in case” I wanted to crochet again…looks like I might be. I’ll post a picture of the scarves later on today.