I'm confused!

Hi, I have been knitting a sweater and counting my stitches religiously. I’ll show instructions and maybe someone can show me what I did wrong-(have have fewer stitches than I am supposed to)

beginning with 70 stitches
(RS)k2,k2tog knit to last 4 and sl 1 k1 psso k2
next row p2 p2togtbl, purl to last 4 p2tog, p2

Repeat last 2 rows 1 time more
The pattern says that I should now have 66 stitches but I have only 62- what did I do wrong? and how do I correct this?

I’m no expert, but it sounds to me like you’re right.
If you repeat those two rows as they are saying, you’ll be decreasing 8 total stitches, so you’d end up with 62.

Can you post a link to the pattern?

Maybe there are some corrections to the pattern somewhere. Maybe it’s just a typo in the pattern and you really should end up with 62 stitches.

Soley based on what you posted, Rows 1 & 2 remove 4 stitches. If you repeat Rows 1 & 2 one time more, you’re removing another 4 stitches. 70 st minus 8 st = 62 st.

You’d have 66 st after rows 1 & 2 the first time.
But you’d have 62 st after repeating rows 1 & 2 again.

I think it’s a typo. Is this a free pattern that you can link us to?
I’d like to read the entire pattern.