I'm confused!

i started to figure out what i did wrong on my bag, so i went back to fix it, then, i redid it, and i still have two wrong sides!!! should i just redo the square? or rip it all out again? i think my needles just dont like me and they got the yarn to help them tag team me! the yarn wont stay in one peice, and the needles keep stabbing me! AHHHHH!


What is the specific issue that you think isn’t working for you. Is it a technique issue? A Pattern issue? etc…What do you mean by you have 2 wrong sides…


i have to miter the square and i’m using two different colors. so i thought i did it right, but both sides are wrong. i think i’ll have to start it over. what do you think??

It does sound like it would be best to start over. I rip and restart all the time myself. It’s frustrating, but you learn something when it happens. Usually. :lol:

For future reference when asking questions - always give as much information and be as specific as you can about the problem. Post a link to the pattern or pattern site and tell us the name of the pattern. It helps us help you faster if we have enough info at the start. :wink: