I'm clueless :)

Hi everyone,
This is my second sweater but I’m really a beginner, learning how to knit from online videos and your help.

This sweater is pretty complex for me. I really need help in understanding the instructions. I’m attaching two pictures, one is of the finished sweater and the other is of the description.

Can someone please explain to me what needs to be done with all these cable stiches? Every single one on that list there? Please? And also the wrap at the end of the list.

Thank you for your help.


Wow, adventurous pattern for beginning cables.
Here’s a basic video which explains how the cable works. Each of the cables or twists in your pattern works in a similar manner. The number of sts may differ and whether the held sts are held in front or in back changes depending on your directions.

For the Wrap !, try the directions with a small swatch in hand. It’s going to be easier to see how this works with actual sts on a needle. This video clearly shows the wrap at about the one minute mark. I don’t know if your wrap 1 is part of the wrap & turn or not but you can at least see the wrap here.

Wow, that picture really sells the sweater.
I would expect to look 30 years younger and five inches taller in that sweater.

Hi, thanks for your help!
I know how to cable, I guess I just don’t understand what is cable to back. I stayed doing it by simply putting my cable needle in the of the other needle but I’m not sure if that is what it means and I don’t want to find out the sweater doesn’t look like anything it is supposed to after I finish it…
So basically I put the cable down and knit up top kind of thing?

Hi there. I don’t see where it says “cable to back” in the pattern. Can u tell me where that phrase is??


Sure: C4B slip next 2 STS to back on CN, k2 then k2 from CN
T3B slip next st to back on CN, k2 then p1 from CN
T4B slip next 2 STS to back on CN, k2 then p2 from CN.
On the contrast, C4F, T3F and T4F you have to slip to front.
So my question is, what does it mean slip to back versus slip to front.

Thank you :slight_smile:

At the 1:30 minute in the cabling video, holding to the back is demonstrated. I find the dpn difficult to work with and prefer a J hook or a short cable needle with a bump in it.
Here’s another type of short cable needle.

Thank you for the clarification.

So if that video shows what’s slip to back. Then what is slip to front?

Here’s a tutorial for both front and back held sts.

You mentioned earlier that you know how to do cables. What kinds of cables have you done before??

I like to use a “J” shaped cable needle (Clover sells different sized ones) for cabling.


Thanks, I figured it out :slight_smile: