I'm bored

Ugh! I am still in the process of learning. To save my sanity i opted not to try anything “hard” until after Christmas because I wanted to give some knitted scarves… and truth be told I am a little intimdated to try some. But now I am bored and sort of want to try something harder… of course I am Christmas broke too. :roll: Anyways there is no real point to this post other than to whine and maybe get a sugestion on a pattern (for something OTHER than a scarf!!!)

What I tell a bored beginner is: learn to knit on double-pointed needles!

Then suddenly, a whole wealth of “intermediate” patterns opens up to you! There are plenty of patterns in the free patterns pages that are called “intermediate” only because they use DPN’s. Otherwise, they’re very basic patterns!

Hats are the perfect example. Most hats are super easy. It’s just all knitting, plus a decrease used repeatedly to taper in the top. And they’re nice and quick! Much smaller than a scarf!

Mittens are not much harder, if you have some simple directions. It’s just knitting around and around on DPNs, first doing the cuff, then increasing in two places repeatedly to make the base of the thumb. Then putting those thumb stiches you’ve created on hold on a string, while you knit around and around the rest of the hand, and decrease to taper the top. Then you come back to those thumbs stitches and knit them, around and around, until you’re at the top of the thumb, and then decrease that. It looks complicated, but it’s really not hard to do. And they’re impressive as gifts! :wink:

Hope that helps!
Happy Knitting and Happy Holidays!

ok, now are circulars and double points interchangeable? I get confused

Circular needles are usually used for larger circular knitting, and then, if the piece tapers down so it no longer fits on the circular needle, you can switch double pointed needles. Yes, they are interchangeable in this way; you can switch from one to the other if you want to.

All circular knitting follows the same concept, where you knit around and around. There are numerous ways of doing this. Most people use circular needles for the larger pieces and DPN’s (double pointed needles) for the smaller pieces. You can also use circular needles for smaller knitting. Check out the “small diameter” circular knitting methods listed on the Advanced Techniques page for these methods, in addition to using DPN’s.