I'm bored too...what's the "deal" with entrelac?

Hi everyone…I think I am bored with hats, mittens and I give up on socks!!! Also, still can not find a “cool” toddler shrug to try…Anyway, I thought I would try Entrelac, I read a little (Debbie Bliss) and need some input from you guys…Thanks alot Cheley

Entrelac is fun and produces such cool FOs, especially if you use self striping yarn like Noro, SWS or Rowan Tapestry.

I used this pattern to learn entralac - it’s a dishcloth so useful when done, it’s a dishcloth so didn’t matter if I made mistakes, it’s a dishcloth so easy to frog if I did want to start over.

I’ve made it in garter stitch, stockinette stitch; striping yarn, 2 solid yarns so it looks woven, different color for each ‘row.’ the choices are endless.