Im being totally thick can someone tell me im being dumb please lol

hello all

i was given a totally beautiful pattern by someone on here that i have just seen and am totally in love with.

i am being thick becuase it says us 1 1/8 mm straight or circular needles.

what needles does this mean? i have been knitting long enough to be able to read this but am being that silly tonight :aww: . i am desperate to start it so if i have those needles i will get cracking and see if cam have ago at lace yey hehe

thank you for indulging my iodiocy hehe

susi :knitting: :knitting:

I’m pretty sure that is the US #000 size. I know that Addi Turbo sells that size in the circular needles. This is a chart you could check out.

According to the Ravelry chart, 1.75 is US 00

[COLOR=#4169e1]I think this might help. It’s the smallest size I’ve found. [/COLOR]

thank you both so much. just going to find out now what the us size is in mm as im in europe.

i cant wait to get started now. feeling like a kid hehe