I'm Back

so I’ve been back from Paris for about a week and half but since that time things have gotten crazy but I now have plenty of time to let all you KH’ers know I’m back…Paris was amazing…and I found a random yarn selection in this one store…I’ll post pics of it soon…so needless to say I bought about 9 skeins…

but when I got back craziness started…it was my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend, then my cousin was getting married so the next day we had a rehersal, my brother came home from San Diego, then my basement flooded…( i had the centerpieces for the wedding, but they were packed in rubbermaids…thank god)…however i had 3 feet of sewage in my basement, no air, no hot water did a quick clean before the wedding, made sure the wedding site was ok to use since everything was flooded (it became a mud wedding) went to my dads to get ready, wedding was beautiful and fun, relaxed sunday, went to work monday after my vacation only to get laid off…so i’ve been readjusting this week and hanging with my bro but now I’m back and on the plus side I’ll now have plenty of time for my knitting…which my boyfriend pointed out…i knew there was a reason i loved him:woot:

So sorry to hear that you’ve had such a rough week! As you said though, at least you’ll have some time to knit now! :knitting:

Welcome back!

Welcome back! but besides all of the rough edges, how was the wedding and Paris?:wink:

both the wedding and Paris were amazing…I’m going through Paris withdrawals…I’m ready to go back in a heartbeat…and thanks to the help from some of the KHer’s went to some interesting places…the catacombs were amazing…and the Eiffle Tower was my highlight since I love it

Ooooo, now I am really jealous! I wish I could go to Paris!:thud: