I'm back!

Hello fellow knitters. I’ve been so busy with my new school year, I’ve put aside my knitting. I’ve heard my knitting needles calling me but I’ve had to ignore them because 4th grade is tough!

Welcome back!

I’m in the same boat. My Branching Out scarf looks so lonely on the table. But, alas, the Revolutionary War, Old South, Legislative Branch, and Political Science Issues classes are calling louder (along with the student loans I’ve got going).


Cool. I’m still struggling with 4th grade myself. :doh:

Ever the wise guy…


Who? Me? :??

Hope you enjoy your 4th graders! I taught 4th grade for about 6 years and loved it! They are just past the stage where you have to repeat EVERY instruction 14 times and the parents are hyper-vigilant and not quite to the stage where the hormones are attacking. You could actually discuss things like current events and have a semi-decent conversation. My only problem was that every year when the new “crop” came in, I’d wonder why these kids were so dumb when my last lot were so smart (then I realized I still had to teach them all that stuff:teehee:)

Back to knitting! (I just finished my 2nd Branching Out scarf last night, AuburnChick! - hope to see yours soon!)