I'm back!

Hello there everyone.
I have just spent 4 weeks in the Philippines doing an archaeological dig (which roughly translates as physical labout in obscene heat whilst being bitten by microscopic ants - well worth it though!) and got back early hours of this morning.
I had a wonderful time, bt did miss my kntting while i was there. one of the archaeologist there was impressed with my ability to identify a 1500yr stone spindle and to demonstrate how it worked … couldn’t have done it with out you guys.:muah:

Hope every body is ok, and getting alond with their summer (northern) or winter (southern) projects nicely. I think im gonna have to spend a good few hours with a cup of tea and some chocolate catching up!


Welcome back! :hug:

wow- what an incredible adventure!! welcome back!

Welcome back.

It sounds as if you had a wonderful experience, ants and all! Glad to see you back here. Knitters know all kinds of things that other people don’t! :0) samm