I'm back!

With a vengance kids!!


Now that I’m getting about 5mins of knitting done every other day (LMAO), I feel that I may have things to contribute again… LOL

I’ve missed you all incredibly… But now that I’m vertical for more than 1/2 a day, I figure I could get my patootie back in here and chat to y’all again … :smiley:

So have I missed anything BIG??

:smiley: :happydance:

welcome back!

:happydance: Welcome back!!!

We’ve missed you!

One big thing is Amy wrote that KH will be selling (or have a link for, I’m not sure which) Denise interchangeables IN RAINBOW COLORS!

And, our Kemp has a store…DivaKnitting, it’s great…INCREDIBLE service :smiley:
So glad that you are back :wink:

Welcome back! How is everything going?


Things are going well, I’m starting to get pouchy, although I’ve lost quite a bit of weight (almost 15kgs).

Good to see a lot of the ‘old’ faces around :smiley:

Welcome back!! :waving: :heart: :heart:

You missed me hitting 1000 posts… [size=1]but so did everyone else :verysad:[/size]