I'm back! xD and I have a new escape artist

Hey everyone, It’s been a while but it’s great to finally have time to be back! I missed all the awesome advice and loving community that is KH,
I’ve been unable to come on as of late for family issues and just not having enough time, cause of my Junior year and looking at college.

In January we got a new puppy, an Akita named Shasta, named after mount Shasta in Washington. She’s quite the escape artist and has bolted through our invisible fence twice!

(pictures of her)

She is such a handful but worth all the effort of grooming, feeding, walking, and… sometimes chasing around the neighbor’s yard to get her back home. I am smitten like a kitten with a ball of yarn!

What a sweetie! She’ll be good company too. My DD’s Jack Russell will run the invisible fence if he’s after a rabbit; his collar’s on Fry Daddy, Fry! setting and he just doesn’t care when he’s motivated. Are Akitas the same way?

Akita’s are a very stubborn, very large breed, she runs through the fence when she’s motivated or she feels the shock and not the vibrations of the collar if the collar is too loose… my dad had to tighten the collar after yesterday’s scare… man she can run! I had to catch her by her tail yesterday

I think you need a real fence…a high one! Cute dog though!

>.< I know we need one, my parents don’t wanna get one though Jan, It’s nice to see you again though… Shasta is all tuckered out right now… she is so adorable when she’s sleeping

I thought you might like this. :teehee:

Love that! :roflhard:

Oh god that was so cute!

Akita’s are wonderful, strong dogs and yours is adorable. What’s her name?
Wow, Junior year. Have fun thinking and looking at colleges and try not to get [I]too[/I] stressed over the choices.

Her name is Shasta and she is growing like a weed

I was amazed that in spite of their stumpy little legs, Corgis can really move all over the neighborhood. I’m too old to run after him. Now I realize that I am smarter than the dog and use my brain rather than my feet. Open your car door and say, Shasta, let’s go for a ride. When they hop in, close the car door trapping them inside. Dogs are gullible and fall for it every time.

She hates the truck, i think it’s cause she was born on an Amish farm in PA, she really doesn’t like the truck at all

I just noticed in your photo there is what appears to be a crocheted afghan. Did you make it?

No, my mother was making a cotton afgan for my Grams, but it wasn’t quite going how she wanted it, and Shasta needed a blanket in her kennel so rather than ripping back all the work she did she just stopped where she was and had me give the blanket to her