I'm back! Miss me?

After a knitting break over the summer I’ve officially picked up my needles again. Just wanted to say “Hi Y’all”!!! Missed everyone :sunny:

We missed you HORRIBLY!!! :pout:

Glad you’re back! :hug:

Thanks! :smiley: I knitted a scarf for a friend last week on my trip to MI. Now I’m working on a dinky chenille scarf for fun. My mom wants me to knit up something for her to give as Christmas gifts for the girls at work. So I should be busy for a while!

Welcome back!!! Have fun gettin’ yer knit on! :cheering:

Is Mintdee still around?

Hey :blooby: happy to see you back!

Yeah, she’s still here. She posted a message yesterday.

Nice to see you again! :hug: