I'm Back....(maybe)

Ok so, ever since a certain incident in the OT forum, KH has never been the same for me. They felt offended, and I felt cornered, so I stayed away for a while–only to pop in at the Stashbuster thread once in a while.

Anyway, today i got a little email titled “madametj, we miss you!” basically a computer-automated email sent because of low activity on the site. well, i realized that i miss being on KH and that, strangly i haven’t even been knitting as much as I used to (weird, huh?)

So if my knitting family will have me back…I’m back:shifty:





Welcome back!

Of course you’re welcome!! :hug:


I am almost always oblivious (happily so) to “incidents” that occur on forum to which I subscribe. Mostly because I take to heart the old adage, “You can please some of the people all of the time and all the people some of the time but you can’t please ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME”

Forum’s by their very nature are a diverse group of people brought together by a shared interest. WHich means that there are many other areas that they aren’t compatible in as well. As a result there are often disagreements and misunderstandings when it comes to some issues. So my philosophy is to stick with the subject at hand, knitting in this case, and tread lightly when it comes to other issues.

I have also discovered that when I did leave a forum out of anger or because I disagreed with something it was usually only me that suffered, no one else noticed:wall:
Anyway, welcome back:muah:

Nice to have you back. :hug:

I’ve missed you all so much!:heart:

glad you came back :slight_smile:


Forum fights happen, just like fights happen in all groups of people. You deal with it and move on - leaving is very rarely necessary. You are one of the people whose posts I always appreciate and if you were to leave KH wouldn’t be the same for me.

I know I mostly lurk but KH is a family and you are a part of it. :grphug:

Welcome back :hug:!

So glad you’re back!:hug:

Welcome back! :hug:

Welcome back


Im glad you are back!!
I really appreciate all the patterns you post on the stashbuster thread.


Welcome back!