I'm back - had a trip to Budapest

I did something i never thought i would - i’ve decided a month ago to organize a trip for me and DH for our first wedding anniversary. Since we don’t have a lot of money, it had to be something not very expensive. It also had to be abroad, because in Israel a decent 4-5 days vacation an a romantic hut 3 hours away from your home will cost the same :wall:. I even called his boss to organize a few days off and had everything organized, until… they moved him to a different shift and i had to tell him. He was really touched :heart:. So we flew to Budapest last Thursday and came back Tuesday morning. I booked a very nice guest house in the Buda part of the city through the Internet. The problem was that our luggage wasn’t there when we arrived and came only 2 days later and i thought my newly purchased Options tips were lost forever…
I even had some knitting done and got some progress with my candle flame shawl while sitting and getting some rest in the lovely parks after we did so much walking i couldn’t stand. The city is very nice, developing quickly… BUT, there are no yarn stores at all, except for 2 places that sold sewing accessories and fabric and had Red Heart yarns, which i didn’t buy. My DH, au contraire, had a great time with his hobby - we got him some diecast and plastic models for rather unbelievable prices:cheering:.
As someone who studied linguistics, i was fascinated by the Hungarian language. Most of the people we’ve encountered spoke really good English and were really nice. I still can’t post any pictures, because i’m old-fashioned and still use an old, great camera and have to get the pics printed.
So that’s where i disappeared this last week, if anybody noticed :??..

It sounds like a wonderful trip! I’m glad you had fun…[SIZE=1]and got your Options back! :hug:[/SIZE]

Sounds like you had a very lovely time! My sister’s first husband was full blooded Hungarian and I was a child when they married. I fell in love with Hungarian food, but sadly her husband committed suicide years ago and his parents have been dead many years and my sister does not cook it. I miss paprikash!

Sounds like you had a fabulous time! My grandmother is Hungarian and I’ve always identified with that part of my heritage. When living overseas awhile back, pre-kids, we spent some time in Budapest as well as some of the countryside – we throughly enjoyed ourselves! So beautiful and unspoiled!

How wonderful for you!!! :woot:

welcome back! what a lovely idea for a trip. and how nice for you to get it all arranged!!!