I'm back for help with the sleeves....

Hi All! I hope you are safe and well.

I’m knitting the Storm Mountain sweater:

And after several frog backs, I’m at the sleeves. The instructions make sense, I’ll be knitting one sleeve at a time, but I don’t know how to do this line (sleeves are worked flat):

*with new yarn CO B sts, k sleeve sts on needle, CO B sts (B sts are 6)

So, I have all the rest of the sweater on waste yarn and the L sleeve on needles. I’m to leave working yarn attached at the end. So do I start with a new ball of yarn?

Thanks! I always feel guilty showing up here when I have a problem and I appreciate your help so much.

The sleeve is on a circular needle. If you pick the needle up to knit is the yarn at the tip of the left needle or the right needle?
If it’s at the tip of the left needle you can cast on the 6 sts and then beginning with those 6, knit around.

If it’s at the tip of the right needle, I would cast on 12 sts then proceed to knit around starting with the held sts on the left needle. You can place a beginning of round marker in the middle of the 12 cast on sts.

Or you could start a new end of yarn and cast onto the left needle. For myself, I hate starting a new end but it’s not a big deal.
I notice the new avatar. Hope you are safe and well.

Thanks for your response! We are safe here but my husband is a plumber and goes to work ever day. Have to hose everything down when he returns home but, honestly, we usually did that anyway. His job can be gross. But we are home and go out only for essentials. Homeschooling has been…interesting. haha I hope you are also somewhere comfortable and can ride this out safely.

OYE, this is hurting my brain. Here are more of the instructions:

“Leave yarn attached to the left front. Leave stitches between left front and left back markers on needle, remove these markers, and place remaining stitches onto waste yarn, leaving other markers in place. You are ready to knit theft sleeve.”

So I’m knitting the left sleeve and I ended WS so the needle will be on the left. And it specifically says to cast on 6 then knit and then cast on 6 more.

Does that help? Let me post this reply and watch the video and I’ll be back.

Thank you!

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You sound like you have it controlled as best as possible. I admire even the attempt to homeschool. We are isolated with no good reason to go out except to exercise or get groceries. So far, so good.

It sounds like your yarn attached to the left front of the sweater is ready to cast on the 6sts, then knit over those 6 and on over the sleeve sts to the end of the held sts. Then you can cast on the second 6, place a marker and join to knit in the round. If that makes sense, fine. If not or if I’ve not got the yarn placed correctly let me know and I can try to draw it out.

I watched the video, it’s perfect! I’ve never done anything like that so I’m glad I asked, I was thinking you just did a long tail cast on. And I’m going to knit with the working yarn??? Even though I’m not knitting the left front? Will I just clip it later when I’m done with the sleeves? I’m so sorry, I just can’t picture it! Because it’s attached at the edge and I’ll be knitting like 1/4 of the way in for the sleeve. Then when I’m done, I can’t see how I’ll go from the end of the sleeve back to the left front? I just can’t picture it.

I’m trying to decide if I should knit the sleeves in the round or not. I hate making seams. They always look terrible and there aren’t any in the rest of the sweater. And there are instructions for knitting them in the round but the pattern is written for them flat. Will that cause any problems down the line?

Thank you!

I looked back to your quote in the first post and it does sound like a new strand of yarn is used for the initial cast on of 6sts and the rest of the sleeve. The yarn attached to the left front is still in place and probably is used after the sleeves are finished and you go back to knitting the body. (Sorry for any confusion, I got carried away with thinking about yarn ends.)

The sleeve can be knit either in the round or flat. It looks like Ravelry knitters have done both, maybe more knit flat. That’s really a personal choice. I can’t see that either way presents a problem later on. The cast on sts will either be seamed or grafted to the body at the underarms. Probably a good idea to read the finishing at the end of the pattern to see if there’s anything special about the sleeves or sleeve seams.


Awesome! Thank you so much!

You all are amazing. If it weren’t for you and the whole Mod Squad, I’d still be knitting scarves. You all provide an invaluable service!

Thank you!

Stay safe and warm and happy!


One more question…the pattern says to decrease every 8th row…does this mean I count wrong side and right side or just right side? I’m knitting flat in stockinette stitch.

Yes, count both right side and wrong side rows.

Thanks! That’s what I thought but wanted to be sure.

Have a great weekend!

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OH GOODNESS! One more question…I feel like an idiot.

It says to do the decreases and then decrease on every 8th row…how do I count the rows? Is the decrease row #1 or is the wrong side #1? I know there’s a simple answer and if I had half a brain it would be obvious. It must be the next WS row is #1 because then the RS rows are even numbers? Correct? And then on #8 I decrease?

My brain is so overwhelmed with all that’s going on, even the simplest things are hard. Thanks for your help.

It’s a good question and often confusing.

Actually you can count this either way.
Decrease on rows 1,9,17,25, etc.
Decrease on the next row, count the following row as row 1 and then decrease on rows 8,16,24, etc.
I consistently use the first method but it doesn’t matter. Whichever makes the most sense to you, use it and stick with it.

Thanks so much. No wonder it made my brain hurt! I think I’m counting the WS row as 1 so I’ll stick with that for now.

Thanks for being so quick with an answer!