I'm back! ? about sewing on button panels

This is the last thing to do on this sweater and it’s driving me nuts! I’ve knitted them but as I sew, things seem to “grow” so if I try to compensate, things get all wavy. And the front cables don’t line up even when I button it up! I made sure that my buttonholes matched my buttons so I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong! HELP!

I had a similar problem once and I used that elastic thread type stuff to weave through the back side for a few rows to gently pull things in. It worked for me and might be worth giving it a shot for you problem.

You can find the elastic stuff in a fabric store or the sewing dept. at Wally World. It is thicker than sewing thread so you will need a large eyed needle to accomidate the thickness. Just be sure to work 2-3 rows so it pulls in evenly across the piece - one row of elastic hardly ever works since it just makes it look gathered.

Good luck with this and the new baby on the way!