I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Hey folks…

A few hairy scrapes with the law and magistrate and a temporary housing issue later, I have internet access and hopefully a more permanent place to live now. Please forgive my near-month long hiatus.

I’ve gotten unpacked (again), so those of you who I owe needles to, please PM me with number of pairs & your shipping addresses. All of my important documents are lost, so I’m not quite sure who I owe what. Sincere apologies and many thanks for your patience.

It’s good to see all of you again. Have missed you much! I just picked up the needles again recently and have many questions for you guys about some slippers I need to get going, see the next new thread!


[color=blue][size=6]WE MISSSSSSED YOU!!! :waving:[/size][/color]

[size=6][color=violet]HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOO! [/color][/size]

Thanks Kelly :slight_smile: :heart:

Hey there Nuno!!

omg, Welcome back Deni!!!


Well there you are! Welcome back!

Welcome back!!! :cheering:

sounds like you’ve had quite a lot coming your way lately :frowning: I hope you’ve been able to resolve most of it now and can stay and build a more permanent home again. Good Luck with that!

HI there stranger :waving:

It’s great to see you again! :cheering:

Hi ek!!! HI Yyvonne :slight_smile: Sup, beldie??? Hi SimplyKaar. I sure have missed you guys!

Yay! Glad to hear you’re okay.

Thanks Sara, good to see you :slight_smile:

:happydance: Yippeeee!! Sure is good to see you Denise! Glad to have you back!


Hi AMY!!! It’s fantastic to see you too. Oh, wow you’re not so blurry when I put my glasses on. We need an emoticon that holds a sign saying ‘Neicey, put yer glasses on’. Where’s the emoticon girl?

Welcome back!! :cheering: :balloons:

We’ve all missed you here!!

[color=red][size=7]Welcome back! [/size][/color] :waving:

Hi jive~! thanks! Hi gardenia, thanks a bunch!

Hey Denise, I am really glad to see that you are back and safe! I hope your journey brought you to a new, happy place in life. :sunny:

YEah what they said… :slight_smile:

Enjoy that mixer and such… :slight_smile:

Thanks Sara :slight_smile: hehe Norm…I’m about to crack that badboy open right now…IF I can tear myself away from KH long enough.

So glad you are back!! Good to ‘see’ you