I'm afraid to board my babies :(

This is kinda long, you’ve been warned! :wink:

I need some advice/encouragement and I need it fast! DH and I are going on our first official vacation and it only took 10 years to get here! We’re planning on going to Niagara Falls, Canada next week. We’ve had the hotel reservations and kennel reserved for a few weeks now and are really excited to go, even if it’s only for a few days.

But my problem is leaving my “children” behind to be cared for by strangers. :sad:

Normally I wouldn’t be so worried, but my children have quite a few ailments that require constant attention and I’m the only one who truly pays attention to the littlest of things.

Our one cat was diagnosed with diabetes last year and has since gone into remission due to our switching him to canned cat food. Which is on the one hand wonderful since he no longer requires constant monitoring, BUT we also can’t just put down dry food for 4 days and let them graze till we get home because the dry food would send him back to the diabetes. (we also put out 4 litter boxes for them) Our other cat has digestive issues that require petromalt in the morning and a pepcid pill in the evening to control his vomiting. Works great, but it also costs $1.00 per dosage. Which wouldn’t be so bad but our Bailey has a million allergy problems and thyroid issues which requires 2 doses of her thyroid, 2 doses of allergy pills, (This is twice a day btw) then I just took her to her allergist and she has her on some ointments due to her excessive itching of her paws and chin. So that’s also twice a day. Plus this past summer she started making this awful noise with her throat/nose where it sounds like she’s got a piece of grass stuck up in there and she’s trying to get it out and that is a HORRIBLE sound to have to wake up to in the middle of the night. Trust me. :shock:

Then I have to hold her to calm her down and rub her throat and then she’ll stop and relax and the flap thingy back there opens back up and she’s fine. (I asked her allergist about this just to be sure) but who’s going to help her in the middle of the night when this happens??

If you’ve made it this far, bless you. But how can I leave my babies when I’m the only one who can really care for them the way they need to be cared for??

I’m just torn about what to do. I started thinking of maybe taking day trips next week to Rhode Island and Massachusetts and Vermont and New Hampshire that way we can come home and still take care of them. I haven’t told DH my idea yet, just my nervousness of leaving them for 5 days.

Am I being crazy about this? We have left them before, but not when the cats were this “sick” and not when Bailey was doing this thing with her throat. We have no one to come to the house and watch them so that won’t work. Oh what do I do? Thank you for listening to my worries.

I need to get my eyes checked. When I first read the thread title, I thought it said “Afraid about my boobies”

I couldn’t figure out what was scary about breasts!:teehee:



We usually plan on bringing our dogs on the trip, even though I’m sure it would be more relaxing without them! Last time I boarded the dogs was a few weeks ago when I was so sick I couldn’t get off the couch. I, of course, bawled my eyes out as I handed them over. And made sure they had my home, cell, and work number. And I called everyday to check on them. So, I feel your pain!

Do you feel comfortable about the kennel? Do you like the people that work there and such? If your gut, not your “mommy voice” is telling you that you don’t feel comfortable with the place, then listen to it.

You’re not going to enjoy your trip if you’re already this worried and you haven’t even left yet! Sometimes as “parents” we need some time away from our “babies” to relax and enjoy life instead of being worried and stressed all the time.


How about a pet sitter? Where they come in twice a day, take 'em for walks, feed them, do whatever they’re used to? I know my neighbors go that route and they love their sitters. The couple of people that our neighbors have used are huge animal lovers and are almost obsessive about the happiness of the “kids”.

Where we boarded our dog also had a petting sitting service. My sister used that as she had several pets and it was so nice knowing someone was there twice a day to monitor. They even left her notes about how they had been doing. I am super picky about my fur babies so I check to see how people are with animals and really check out their skills first. Have you visited the kennel yet? Do you know how much one on one your kitties will get? I bet you checked these things out before you made the reservation and it is normal to have nerves. Why don’t you call the kennel and chat about your babies special needs? Tell them you are just so worried since you haven’t left them. Most pet people will completely understand how you feel.


Here’s the website for the National Association of Pet Sitters, you can locate one by zip code and it gives the low down on what they are all about if that’s something that’s feasible for you.

Can you board them with your vet office? The pet sitter is also a nice idea b/c then he kitties are in their own home. I used to pet sit (b/c my apt wouldn’t let me have a dog) and there was a family that had a golden ret with epilepsy so I would spend the night at their home in case she had a seizure.

I’m really no help as I have never boarded my babies - they always go with me or stay with family. My hubby and I don’t have any children so we fight about he dogs and the fact that I feel like I am the only one who can give them the proper amount of love, care and attention. So, I totally sympathize with you…I’m already stressing about leaving them the end of this month. However, everytime I have had to leave my babies I always get home and they are perfectly fine and most likely didn’t even miss me.

Yes, I know this all too well. :teehee: I don’t work and when we do our shopping on the weekends and we’re gone for 5 hours I get upset cause they’re all alone for that long. :roll:

EVEN though I know they are sleeping the whole time, I still beat myself up for leaving them.

I’m a crazy mom. :teehee:

I did the same thing the first time we left Bailey. OMG, you’d think we were putting her down I cried so hard. But she’s my little girl.

I do and I don’t. I do like them cause they seem nice and it is next door to our vet, but I don’t like the fact that they don’t spend the night with the animals. If they leave at 6 pm and don’t get back til 8 am then that’s 10 hours she’d have to wait to go potty! She never goes that long. I think her little bladder would explode if she had to wait that long. :teehee:

I know you are right about this, but how do I shut it off?? Or at least “turn it down”. I don’t think its even possible for me to do this. Maybe I’d relax if we were able to leave them with family, but it’s just us out here…

Yes, we’ve been to the kennel and I know what Bailey’s sleeping arrangements are, we just would have to look at the cat area as we’ve never boarded the cats before. She said they take them out of their cages during the day, alone of course, but what I think I’m most worried about is Bailey. The boys will be fine, but she just has so many “itching” issues and that darn thing she does with her nose/throat. It almost sounds like she’s choking or something! It’s quite scary at first.

I did take her in a few months ago when we didn’t know what it was and the doctor said it looked fine in there, but as I said, she still does it. Maybe 2-3 times a week.

The more I write all this out and read your suggestions the more I’m starting to relax, but I’m not there yet!!

When you get there (relaxed), let me know how you did it. I have cat who has absolutely nothing wrong with her at all and I get all worked up everytime we leave her. I spend most of the vacation worrying that she’s not happy. :roll: I feel like such a goon when we get home and she’s fine.

How about seeing if they will email you reports. Or you can do what I have been known to do and just call and check on them periodically.

Oh my, I always would call everyday. I was a nuisance, but who cares!! They’re my children!! It’s in my nature to love and worry about my “kids”.

I can’t imagine how I’ll be when we have “actual” children. I’ll probably strap them to my hip so they’ll never leave me!! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

we have boarded our dogs and cat- we have a great kennel who loves animals of all varieties. they do charge to administer medication, and they want to talk to the vet before you board the pets. they have an open door policy and you can call all you want to check on them.

this particular kennel had separate outdoor runs for each dog or family of dogs (ours stayed together) and the dogs loved it. Even now they wag and yip whenever I drove close by the kennel. the cat, who hates the car, was happy to be out of the car even if it meant the kennel. she wasn’t crazy about it, but she was fine. We called every day for the “report”.

We looked at several kennels in the area before settling on this one.

If the cat did have a problem, would they bring her to the vet or call the vet for you? if they are right next door that would be really nice.

All the pets were really happy to see us when we got home- but we know they got quality care. Ask a million questions at the kennel- see if you can call, or get a daily report by email- leave detailed instructions- then go relax…

Isn’t that funny! I’m the same way. I would let you watch my fur-babies anyday! You have a big heart. :hug: :hug:

Call some animal rescues in your area (find them on petfinder.com by zip code)…tell them your concerns, ask for recommendations. Either their members will know from their own experience, or they may even use some boarding facilities to board their dogs when they don’t have enough foster homes.

Also, some vets will board. That is the BEST place to leave them, especially if some need medication or may need medical attention. If you can’t find one, they may at least have good recommendations. Ask WHERE does YOUR vet board when he goes out of town for example. :wink:

I hate to leave my babies too! I’d rather not go on vacation…DH feels the same way…so we know how you feel.

Getting information from such sources should give you peace of mind. And if you are like me, you’ll be calling once or twice a day to see how they are :wink:

I really have no room to talk because I won’t go anywhere without my baby. DH takes the kids for long week-ends to his mom’s twice a year, but I won’t go. I have a mini. dach. that has allergies and seizures. I think I know kind of what sniffing/choking noise you’re talking about. Sometimes I think he’s gonna either run out of air or pass-out before he’s done. Sort of sounds like someone snorting, but only really fast with little coughs inbetween like something is stuck in his throat.