I'm actually a Working Artist as of 12/25/07

[SIZE=2]Ha! Yup, I’ve been told I’m[SIZE=1][SIZE=2] now a working artist as I sold TWO hats over Christmas. A lovely lady named Lizabelle, has this little shop in Margaretville, NY (Catskills mountains) where she sells hand crafted stuff, mostly from local artists.

So I left these hats off like last October and never went back til 2 weeks ago, and found out she sold my watermelon hat and a newsboy hat for I think! $67. I said I wanted $50 and then she puts her % on … I didn’t get the $ yet coz she waits 30 days in case of returns. So I’m a bit
p r o u d. Now if I could just sell 100 more, maybe I’d make some $ for a change! :think:



Definitely, congratulations!
How exciting.
I do hope you sell 100 more.

thanks Italianchildhood! What a funny name!

Congratulations VictoiseC!!! I posted a congrats on my thread and then realized . . .duh . … she said she has her own thread . . .lol :cheering:

THANKS Evona! :cheering:


That’s absolutely awesome! I look forward to when I’m good enough to sell something of my own. :3


Congratulations! :thumbsup:

Awsome and congrats!!! I am also a paid knitter :slight_smile: I do things for friends that don’t live near me. In fact I actually have a guy that “orders” from me on a regular basis.

Whoa, now that’s the way to go, someone who orders from you.
That’s great! Maybe one day? for me…