I'm about to start a pair of socks using magic loop

This will be my first pair of socks and I’ll be learning magic loop at the same time so I’m a total newbie at this. I’m going to have to buy points and cables to make them from and I can’t find anything telling me what length cable to buy. Suggestions please?

I would have to double check at home in my knitting bag, but I believe I am using a 42" long Addi Turbo for mine. I gave up on interchangeables for magic loop and have bought size 1 & 2 Addi’s for socks and 8 for mitts and mobius.

Good Luck

Janette, I, too, am about to start using Magic Loop, after doing a pair on dpn’s :eyes: Oh, my! They turned out okay, except for a few beginner mistakes, but I don’t see any reason for using dpn’s again as long as there is a simpler method available.
I purchased Sarah Hauschka’s book, ‘The Magic Loop’ and also found a great explanation for ML at www.knittingdaily.com
I also viewed Amy’s video on ML, so maybe now, I’m ready :figureditout: after all this preparation.

In her book, Sarah is said to prefer 40", but 32" is given as a minimum.
From Knit Picks, I ordered 32", but when I order more yarn from KP again, I may order a 40", too, just to see if it is a better length.
Hope this helps as you decide. :knitting:

It is easier if the cable part is thin & flexible. I use HiyaHiya interchangables. If I knit 2 socks at once, I use 40". If only one sock, then 24".

It will really depend on what you are comfy with. I’m comfy with knitting one sock ML on 24" but I know some who find that too small and use a 32" or longer cable. :thumbsup:

Thanks so much for all your help. I think I will go with the 32" cable. Wish me luck!

Doing the gusset on ML is kind of confusing, but I found this website http://mountaineerknitter.blogspot.com/2009/03/magic-looping-gussets.html
that really helped.

:hug:aww cool, I’m glad it helped you.