I'm about to cry-possibly phenominal mistake

:frog: http://www.coatsandclark.com/Crafts/Knitting/Projects/BabyChild/LW1494+Knit+Jacket+and+Hat.htm

Okay so i’m almost done this baby sweater and the more and more i look at it the more i think i may have made a really big mistake. I’m going to try to explain it and maybe you guys can help. Okay so the problem comes from the part where you pick up and knit the 74 stitches on the holder for the back. It says to knit until work measure same as left front to shoulder. So when i looked at what i had i saw the stitches left for the collar and the stitches the continuted on for five more inches for the shoulder. I stoped knitting the back at the same length as the COLLAR. I thought that the longer part was supposed to fold over and attach to the back because that’s what looked right for the size of a baby arm. I hope you guys can tell me if i did this wrong. Please wright me back quick! OOOOO What am i going to do? I worked so hard on it!! So just to clarify if the sweater is laying flat (it’s not knit in the round because it buttons up in the front so it’s all one piece) from left to right i have like 8’ then i’d say 12" then 8" across for the back then another 12" then 8". The 8" are left over for the collar and those where lengths i was giving from like the top to the bottom. I am freaking out guys help!!!

I know this should be in the other forum but i don’t know how to switch it over ! AAAHHHHHHHH!!!

Hey Megan,
Don’t freak out:achoo: …I’m sure help is on the way…I wish I could help, but it would take me a long time to read the pattern to give you a quick question.
I’ m sure one of the experienced knitters will see this…hang in there!
Hey, nice pattern btw!

Yea if only i didn’t mess it up!!! Someone help!

I think i’m going to puke

Hi Megan, don’t despair. This is fixable.

I thought I’d jump in here whilst we’re waiting for better advice than I can give. But I’ve looked at the pattern, and yes, it does seem that you should have kept knitting for about 5 more inches till you got to the same height as the shoulder.

This isn’t too hard to fix. You’ve bound off the back that’s too short, right? What you need to do is unravel the bind off and get those stitches onto a needle. You can gently tease out where the last bound off stitch is fastened, then the bind-off stitches will be easy to undo. If it was me, I’d just undo them one at a time, very slowly, and slip each onto my needle as I went.

But I don’t know how experienced you are, and it might be a good idea to put in a lifeline just below that row in case you have problems catching the stitches. If I had time now - which I don’t - I’d google a few links for you or try to find a video on this site about lifelines, but hopefully someone else will come up with those.

Once your bound off stitches are back on your needle its just a matter of knitting up a few more inches to match the height of the shoulder, bind off again, and all will be well.

Just stop stressing, this is not actually a phenomenal mistake, it would have been more of a pain if you’d gone too far and had to unravel your work. We all make errors like this at some time, but it CAN be fixed!

Thanks so much! I’ve never been great at picking up stitches and i’ve NEVER done it after a bind off. Plus i don’t know how i’ll figure out where I am in the pattern. i really just needed someone to confirm my sinking feeling. I’m still upset but i’ve got to try because i worked so hard on it.:’(

Megan, while your still waiting…is there a local yarn store that you could go to tomorrow? Or someone you know that can help you?

The way I see it, on all 3 sections, left front, back, right front. they should all measure the same, 5 inches, from the underarm division point to the top of the shoulder.
I’ve made a rough diagram to show approx. measurements. and what i think it should look like.
The collar will be added on later. Once you have joined the shoulders together, you pick up sts around the curve of the neckline and knit on from those.

Good diagram, Jints! I think Megan’s problem is that the middle (back) part is shorter, down at the collar height.

Asking someone at your yarn store - if there’s one nearby - is a good idea as they’d probably be only too happy to help. I wish I lived nearby and we’d be able to nut it out together.

I hadn’t thought about the fact that the cable patterning probably continues across the back, and you’d have to find where you’re up to in that pattern. So is that more the problem than picking up the stitches again?

You CAN do it, it will take a little concentration, and if you can find someone to look at it with you, all the better. You’ve done wonderfully well getting through the jacket and putting in the concentration to knit the cable pattern up to this point, so you’ve got it in you to fix this.

Have a cup of coffee and put the knitting away till more help gets here.

I don’t have any other advice than what these other fine knitters have given. But here’s a hug :grphug:
I’m sure it will all work out. Hang in there.:heart:

Squidy, dont freak! i dont know how, but someone else will help you out…lol

Hey, hope you manage to work it out.

If it helps here is a link I used to insert a lifeline into a row that has already been knitted, I am hopeless at getting stitches back on the needle. If you go down the page it explains how to put a needle into the destination row before unraveling, you could try that. When I did it I used a needle and thread instead of a knitting needle because I thought it’d be easier, worked just as well.


If you stick a lifeline or your knitting needle in a row or two below the bind off then just unravel and pick the stitches back up off the lifeline you should be able to fix it.

There might be another way, I’m not very experienced but I would probably do what others have suggested and just unravel the bind off, pick up from the lifeline and keep knitting until its right.

Hope that helps xxx

Are you perhaps worried you won’t know where you are on the stitch pattern sequences?
Perhaps you could go back to a row with a cable crossing in it. That should be easier to identify.
Put your lifeline into the row before the crossed row, (it will mean undoing the crossed sts row) then you can start with re-doing the cable cross which is Row 3 in the cable and also Row 3 for the Plume stitch.
Good Luck.

Thanks everyone i’m sorry i didn’t respond earlier but i don’t have computer access on the weekends! So the update is this: the very second that miss_molly reasured me that i screwed up my project and told me that i could do it I just DID IT! I had worked way to hard on it to just let it go so i carefully pulled out the bind off and quickly figured out that i had worked the pattern and then the very next row I had bound it off!!! So it was EASY to figure out where i was in the pattern (and yes i was very worried about the cable looking bad). I DIDN"T EVEN TwiST ONE STITCH!! I’ve never picked up stitches before and not screwed it up a little bit but this time i didn’t mess it up at all! I don’t know if the plume pattern just hid it well and i got lucky on the cable or what but it looks great!! Anyway over the weekend i fixed that mistake and i finished the entire sweater. I really didn’t think i would be able to do it and the pattern really put me thru the ringer but i did it and it’s beautiful! I think i may have to learn how to post pics so i can show everyone because i wouldn’t have been able to do it without everyone here helping me. So thank you all for your help.

Well done! I’m so glad you fixed it, can’t wait to see a picture!

Sitting here reading the entire thread, I was getting worried that you had frogged it, so I’m SO glad that you were able to finish the sweater, and that you are happy with it!

Hope you’ll be able to post a pic soon~

Thats great. :yay:

That is GREAT news. I’m really pleased for you! :cheering: