I'm a weather wuss

I gave in and bought a portable AC unit yesterday, the kind that doesn’t go in the window but is vented at the window. I just got it set up in my BR and so far, with fans to push the cooled air around it’s keeping the LR from heating up to an oven. When we get over 80F here and we’re just about there now, my apt. turns into an oven. I could do w/o it today, just open the windows on the cooler side and use fans, but I wanted to test it out before we get into the 90s. If anyone has been thinking of getting one of these things, I’d say go for it! I might get a 2nd so I have one in the LR too. Even with the vent hose installed, if I don’t need the AC I can still open the window and I didn’t even have to remove the screen. Yes! The window units are made for double hung windows, y’know, and it’s a real pain in ye olde arse to install one in a sliding window. I really will be glad not to have to mess with that again.

I succumbed because I get physically ill in hot weather. Yesterday it was about 84F and I was out and about and didn’t realize, because I didn’t really feel hot or sweaty because it was dry and breezy, that the heat was getting to me. I came home, ate some salt and drank a bunch of water and felt better very quickly. I must remember to keep my salt and fluid intakes up. If you get sick in the heat, do be careful, please.

What the heck is a “double hung” window? :hiding:

What the heck is a “double hung” window?

Picture included in link above. I only know because I’ve been around people who talked about them.

I have a portable a/c they are great. I live in a condo and our upstairs loft gets like an oven even though we have central air.

Oh! We have the other kind. Our house is circa 1980. :open_mouth:

We open windows and used a godawful number of fans for years. It’s been getting hotter every summer though and I can’t take it anymore. We broke down and got new ducting, forced air unit and central a/c. The heating and cooling can be turned on in just one room so it’s easy to cool just the bedroom at night which is nice. Rainy today though.

My doc recently instructed me to only drink about 8 cups of water then drink Gatorade or another electrolyte drink. I add a bit of water to it so its tolerable.

I also have sliding windows.

To me Gatorade and the like taste nasty, like sweat, unless I need them. Then they’re OK.

Hahah! I agree, but I did find one that is tolerable when diluted. It’s called fruit punch. The other flavors are nasty. I plan to check other things out though.

Congrats on finding an easily used window unit, GG! There’s not much worse than being sensitive to the heat in the warmer seasons, and I’m glad you’ve found a way to stay cool!

Someone added to what I wrote.

To me Gatorade and the like taste nasty, like sweat, unless I need them. Then they’re OK.
was all I wrote.

Thanks, Charlotte, but the point is that it’s not a window unit. It vents out the window but the whole thing sits inside. There’s a panel that goes in the window with a dryer vent thing on it and the dryer vent hose goes from the AC to the vent in the panel. This is it. With a window unit, I’d not be able to open and close the window when I want. It’s not hot today, the window is open, nature’s AC can do the job. :slight_smile:

If you can manage it, you should be comfortable in your own home. We used an attic fan for years which sucked cool night air through the windows at night and was wonderful, and kept the house cool for a good part of the day but didn’t do much during the hot days. The bad part was that we all got addicted to the sound in order to sleep so we had to run it for the kids at least til they fell asleep well into September

When that broke we put in some window units and find that we only have to use them on the bleakest, most humid days. I don’t mind the house being warm in the summer because, hey! its summer! When summer gets too full of itself we break down and turn on the ac. The rest of the time I put a small fan in the window blowing in the cooler night air and sleep better than when the ac is on. I think its because the AC cycles and changes sound while the fan is steady.

Sounds like my preferred way of doing things, Ingrid. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if I didn’t need to use the new fangled contraption again this year. I expect it will get hot enough that I will though. These apartments heat up like ovens, then kilns. If there were a window on the north end of the building it would help. Here in Western Washington lots of us don’t do heat well, anything above 80F is hot.

Ahhhhhhh!! That was me. I accidentally hit edit instead of quote.:blush:
I fixed it and put in this post. Sorry!

“BTW, we almost got one of the portable a/c units before we did this. My house is too big for just one though and there was really no good way to vent it with the big sliding doors especially since they get used all the time.”

Thank you, Jan! Knowing it’s “just one of those things” is all I need. I changed my password (paranoia reigns supreme!) just in case there was a real problem. You’re an :angelgrin:.

I’m glad you got your AC. I can’t imagine living where it really gets hot and not having any.

I could vent one at the slider as I’m on the 2nd floor and just put a stick in the bottom when I want it locked but opening and closing it a lot might be a problem. If I get a 2nd one my DS insists he vent it through the little LR window. He’ll have to fabricate something that will fit. If I buy another one he’s not, absolutely not! cutting the pieces down. Who knows where I might want to use it next?

I love our attic fan. <3

We also have an attic fan. We’ve been here for 35 yrs this summer so we lived with fans and open windows for a very long time before we finally said enough. The last few years we’ve had temps over 100 F many more days than we used to. We have new double pane windows so now the house doesn’t cool down easily and it’s awful when it’s over 80+… Ugh.

I’d love an attic fan!

I got to thinking today: Why do I feel the need to justify trying to be a bit less miserable and actually not sick? I realized that I was treating my need for AC like a character flaw. I have enough of those without adding imaginary ones. Sheesh.

That’s true, GG. It’s not a character flaw! It DOES get harder to deal with the heat as we get older, too. :hug:

It DOES get harder to deal with the heat as we get older, too.

I’m not getting older. My DD’s graduation was on what should have been my 40th birthday so I didn’t have my birthday. Once you miss one like that, you never have another one. At 39, I’m younger than my SIL and in a few years will be younger than my DS. :mrgreen:

It’s true, it’s harder every year to deal with the heat and I never have done well in heat especially with humidity.

I have a DD who lives in Texas and is also a 4 time Ironman racer. She trains in the Texas heat all year. When I complain about the “heat” here in Michigan she laughs at me.
We have central air as well as a whole house fan. I’d rather use the fan than the A/C but sometimes it doesn’t cool off enough in the evenings later in the summer so all that happens is you move the warm, sticky air around so the A/C gets turned on instead.
I also was told by the furnace people to turn the furnace fan on run when it’s warm outside and it will not only circulate the air in the house but pull the cooler air from the basement up into the house. That helps 3 ways, makes the house cooler, the basement a little warmer, and also helps the moisture level in the basement. Much cheaper then running either the house fan or the A/C.