I'm a slow knitter

Mostly because I have so much going on in my life that sometimes I go for weeks without knitting at all. Lady Eleanor is on the needles and has been for months now. I started myself a scarf, and I wanted to do some matching mittens. I’m halfway through the scarf, but my aunt has asked me to knit 2 baby blankets. My 44-year-old cousin is pregnant (OMG!) and my other cousin is adopting their second child. This is my favorite aunt, so how can I refuse? So I’m doing a basic basketweave stitch baby blanket in a sport weight yarn, all the while thinking about how now (as slow as I am) I won’t have any mittens this winter. So I’m wondering 2 things…

  1. I think I’ll do the second blanket in a worsted weight yarn. That would make it go a bit quicker, right? What about a chunky yarn?

  2. Can I switch to continental knitting in the middle of a blanket without screwing up my tension/gauge? I’ve been wanting to try continental, and I should have tried it from the beginning of the project. This pattern would be great practice for me going from English to continental. I bet it would throw off my tension though, so I suppose I should wait for the second blanket.

Switching to continental knitting will definitely throw off your tension. Wait til the next blanket.

Then go CHUNKY. It will knit up soooooo much faster, you will be shocked. Don’t be afraid to go up a needle size too.


Chunky it is, then! :wink: Thanks.

I do alot of baby blankets as gifts. The quickest pattern I’ve found is the diagonal, using bulky yarn or double stranding. Try a boucle with the Caron’s Simply Soft. I did one using Bernat Baby Boucle and Caron’s Simply Soft in a yellow- turned out so soft and gorgeous!

Can someone help me read this

Shoulder and neck shaping

Bind off 7(8,9,10) sts at beg of next 6 rows, AT THE SAME TIME bind off centre 23(23,25,25) sts for neck, and working both sides at once, bind off 2 sts from each neck edge twice.

I dont understand “beg of next 6 rows” & “working both sides at once, bind off 2 sts from each neck edge twice”.


Is it a one pc. or two pc. front??

one piece
however this reading is for the back.

It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Seems that you’d need to put one side on a stitch holder, complete one to the shoulder then finish the second one… Sorry, I actually tried to do this with some scrap yarn and I don’t understand it. Mary