I'm a proud new owner of a

Kromski Symphony! She’s so pretty! :inlove: And so fun to spin with!

ETA: The yarn is 1.75oz and 114yd. Haven’t done the WPI yet.

Mullerslanefarm - You have mentioned Carol Lee’s rovings… Which do you recommend? Should I go for the #1 rovings, superwash, her own dyed stuff…??? How are the mill ends? All of her stuff is inexpensive but the mill ends are cheap! Sometimes cheap is not the way to go but would it be fine for someone just wanting to experiment with the new wheel? Thanks in advance for any info you may have!

I have personally bought mill ends, #1 rovings & spinning bells and have been very pleased with them all. I have not purchased any superwash or dyed cotswold curls but if I thought I ‘needed’ them, I would have no problems ordering them with confidence.

Carol is a fiber artist herself and she doesn’t sell junk!

The thing you’ll have to remember about the mill ends is they usually have been compressed a LOT! You’ll need to fluff and draft them. There is usually one end of the roving that drafts better than the other too.
I just went and looked at her mill ends & bought 3# of the blue tones …

Thanks so much! Those blue tones do look gorgeous! That’s what I’ve been eyeing too. So the mill ends I wouldn’t need to card or any… I don’t have that equipment (yet! :wink: ) I could just fluff with my hands??? and then draft?

I’ve spent all of my “allowance” on the wheel and some roving so I’ll have to wait a couple weeks before ordering some (or a lot lol) from Carol. So don’t you go and buy it all before me! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information! It’s hard to know what to buy when I haven’t had the chance to “fondle” it.

I just placed an order for 6 lbs of mill ends from Carol Lee, I have bought from her on several occasions and have been pleased… various colors… but I got 1 lb of the blue… I dont think you will be dissappointed… Have fun with your new toy:yay:

Congrats on the new wheel! Hopefully I will be able to purchase a wheel to keep my yarn buying hobby down to a minimum. Have fun with it!

your wheel is gorgeous, by the way!

Yes, to your question - just a bit of fluffing & pre-drafting and you’re good to go. If the roving is thick, you may want to pull it into thinner strips before you fluff & pre-draft.