I'm a new knitter

I just started knitting to make prayer shawls for our church. I got so excited when I finished the first project that when I started the next one, I just started knitting and didn’t cast on. I didn’t notice it until I cast off. Soooo, is there any way to fix this short of starting completely over? Feeling very aggravated with myself:wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall:

It is certainly exciting to finish a first project. Congrats on that.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by starting to knit without casting on? How did you get initial loops on the needles? How many sts did you start with?
If you’re using a pattern for the shawls can you tell us the name or give us a link to it?

Knitting without casting on? How?
I’d love to see the edge where you started.

I think I either did the cast on stitch EXTRA loose, inconsistently, or just did a knit stitch from the start. There were supposed to be 60 cast on stitches. The first picture shows the starting edge and the 2nd picture the ending. The cast off edge looks way better than the start.
Boy do I hope it’s not a loss. Thanks.

It looks like you used thebackward loop cast on.
You might add asingle crochet border.

oh no! i hope it can be saved - it’s a beautiful color!

it looks beautiful! Nice even sts. I think the edging will solve the problem. You might try washing the wrap first since that may well even out the entire wrap, edging included. Follow the ball band instructions for washing and drying.
Is it an acrylic yarn or wool?