I'm a New Knitter!:-)

[color=darkblue][/color][size=6][/size]Hello I just bought a knitting book and I’m going to try to knit something,I don’t have my needles yet or yarn,I want to read my book first and study the videos too!..wish me luck!God Bless! and Merry Christmas to ALL!

Oh man, get thee some needles and yarn quick. It’s great to sit with yarn and needles in hand while watching the videos and just practice doing what she does.

When I found this site, I didn’t try to knit any specific object for over a month, I just had my scrap yarn and practiced the videos. I still do that when I need to remember how to do something or practice.

Glad you are here.



thanks for replying!..I’m going to get my yarn and needles ASAP!!!:-)thanks for the support,I NEED it!..Glad you’re here too!

Happiest Holidays to you!

Mary Nunitter

You are going to do spectacular! These ladies are so great to help and have fun with! You are going to love it here! Can’t wait to see your first project!


Can’t wait to get my knitting needles!!!:slight_smile:


Good luck!!

You might want to check out JoAnn’s after Christmas sales to see if you can find some grea deals on getting started with your new hobby!

woohooo!! You are gonna be hooked in no time at all. I am a pretty new knitter myself (oct ) and I wouldnt be able to stop if someone paid me… well ok I might stop to take the money to buy some yarn. haha

These gals are great! Cant wait to see what ya start with!

Merry Christmas and happy knitting!

good for you. You are gonna love it

thanks I’m really excited about my new hobby,it helps keep my mind off things that tend to drag me down!,you know what I mean?



I’m so glad :hug: that you’re a guy knitter,that’s cool,wasn’t there a football player who knits?..what kinda stuff do you knit?After I learn to knit I want to teach my husband because he gets restless and I think knitting would calm him down.

take care,

Mary :happydance: [color=green][/color]

1st of all, :waving: WELCOME and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! 2nd, Beg, borrow or steal some needles and yarn!! Just kidding :teehee: Amy has a video on making your own needles which can save lots of $$$$. Go to Michael’s or ACMoore and pick up a couple of needles of differing sizes and maybe some Caron’s Simply Soft because it’s inexpensive and it is nice to work with. Also both ACMoore and Michael’s have 40% off coupons that you can use for the needles. And 3rdly knitting is not just a hobby, it’s an ART!!! You are learning the secrets of a very old art.

Once again Welcome :hug: and Happy Knitting!!!

Nadja xxx

Hello Nadja!

Happy Holidays to you too! :happydance: What is Michaels? and ACMoore?is it online or around my town? What is Caron’s Simply soft? I was planning to go to the Walmart Supercenter and get some knitting needles there is it too expensive there?Let me know!

thanks for info! :notworthy:

have a great week, :cheering:

p.s.where’d you get the extra knitting smilies?

Knitting needles at wal-mart cost $2.88 (at least that’s what I bought them for) but they have a little selection of yarn so I suggest you go to a craft store and buy the yarn there. Also go to the Michael’s website http://direct.where2getit.com/cwc/apps/w2gi.php?template=search&client=michaels and you can find out if there’s a Michael’s in your area. Or Jo-Ann http://www.joann.com/store_locator/locator_main.jhtml;$sessionid$YNYWZRIAACM0GP4SY5NBIHR50LD3OEPO
Good luck!

[color=red][b]Welcome Nunitter …

I am nu too … I did knit 25 years ago (a too big sweater) but always liked it … I met a gal from the meetup site and we met in person and she refreshed me …

I went into a lovely knitting shop last week and was assisted by a MAN! Several men came in to buy wool … my husband was shocked …

Glad to have you aboard!


thanks mystery!

have computer WILL ck out websites you suggested,thanks again ASAP! :hug:

gotta get going…Happy Knitting!


Michael’s and AC Moore are discount arts and crafts chain stores. Besides Michael’s go to AC Moore’s web site and use their store locater, you may find a store near you. Also this site has a national LYS locater because once you’ve gotten past the practice stage and you’ve become a little more experienced you’re going to want to get nicer yarns. Oh and get thee to www.knitpicks.com for wonderful and inexpensive yarns and the magnificent and stupendous Options needles. KP is also a great resourse for books.

Nadja xxx

PS what extra knitting smiles?

[b]Mrs Columbo,(Toby)

thanks for cheering me on,I need it,I feel a little nervous since I’ve never knitted anything in my life,the only thing I DID do back in the late 60’s were a few crochet popcorn stitches that my Grandma taught me,but I don’t remember how to do it anymore so in memory of my Grandma Klein I’m gonna try to make something,WHAT exactly I don’t know!..here’s looking at me kiddo!!! :hug:here’s what I have so far ,some black worsted yarn by RED HEART[coats and clark](364 yds),it says to use size US 8 needle with it,so I bought a SP knitting needle size 8(I didn’t realize that a Double Pointed needle has two sides…duh!my husband had to find this out for me!)I bought some safety pins,a yarn[tapestry] needle size 13,I have a ruler and a tape measurer,so pretty soon I’ll be on my way to making something or other??![color=green][/color][b]so here I go…

bye for now,

p.s.my husband and I watched the video by Amy Finlay on how to make your own needles from wood,but I’m wondering where do I find the needle gauge to measure the dowels?I need a needle gauge,right?[/b][/b]

[color=red][b]I am new too … the only thing I knitted was 25 years ago, a 20 sizes too big Lopi sweater which my mom had to undo and make to fit my 36 inch frame … it was a 58 chest and past my knees … I came out wearing it and my mom said “it’s a tad big” …

A tad?? That’s like being a little pregnant.


I’m really into making Aran sweaters and crocheting afghans. Sorry for taking so long to reply.