I'm a New Knitter: Need Help

Hi there!

I’m brand new to the knitting game and would love to knit a scarf for the upcoming winter season! I have 2 chunky size 7 bundles of yarn that are 22m (24 yards). Is it possible to make a scarf (60 inches) with just this? I will be using 5mm needles. I’ve tried to make another scarf in the past but ran out of yarn =(. Don’t want to make the same mistake again…

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Welcome to KH!

Chunky yarn will work on 5mm needles (it’s a class #5 though).

For a scarf like this one which is knit on larger needles you would need about 150 yds, maybe a bit less for 60 inches. It depends on the width you are thinking of using too.

You might look for some cowl patterns or of course, buy more yarn.

Great thanks a lot! This was definitely helpful.