I'm a Needle Junkie

Hello. My name is Hilary and I’m a needle junkie.


I just got my KP Harmonies!!! :woohoo::woot:

I can see why so many people love them :mrgreen: They are Gorgeous!!

I haven’t tried them yet but I have checked all the tips and cables; thankfully they all fit. One size four tip doesn’t screw all the way onto the cable-there is like a very tiny gap. Maybe a little soap will help it-if not I can call for a replacement.

I cannot WAIT to get started on a project with them!! I’m glad I only have a pair of toddler socks going, so I won’t feel guilty starting something else!’

They’re so purr-ty! I think I am finally good with the needles now. I have the Denise set, the Options, and now the Harmonies. I am a happy girl :happydance:

Now I just need to save up for the DPN set. :mrgreen:

oh sweet!

Lucky you I have the Denise and the Options. I just put in a very large order and bought one Harmony needle. I want to see how they are before I put out some more money. I am on a very tight budget right now:passedout:so to just to try one. I bought the size 8 for that is the size I use most often. I have a feeling that I am going to like them a lot. Oh well I will just order one at a time and get them that way. :tap: Enjoy yours.


I have ordered all my sets with many months/years in between purchases so I don’t feel too bad-especially when I mentioned to DH my guilty feelings about wanting yet another set of interchangeable needles and he said “Why? You love to knit, you use them, you shouldn’t feel bad about it-get them!”

:inlove: I love that man :aww: :mrgreen: I’m a lucky woman!

Teri, I have a feeling you’re going to want more :teehee: