I'm a n00b!

I stumbled upon this site about a month ago when I desired to learn how to knit. I’m very new to this. I’ve done a few practice patches and I’m really liking it! I hope one day I will complete my first wearable project!


:woot: Welcome to KH!! I’m sure soon you will be able to wear a finished item :happydance:

Welcome to the board! :waving:

This is the BEST place on the web!!!

Please let us know if you have any questions!


Thank you everyone! :mrgreen:

n00bs, unite! :woohoo:

welcome to KH. You’re gonna love it here :hug:

Welcome! You’ll learn so much here!

Welcome! This is THE place to learn.

Welcome, this is a great gathering of people.

Welcome. Great place to learn to knit. Very friendly people on here too.:knitting:

Sometimes…I think I love this site more than my own children…(but only when they’re not listening, or on sugar highs thanks to Grandmom!)