I'm a little lost...

I’m hoping someone can help me here; I’ve not knitted for years and decided (maybe unwisely!) to knit my wife a jumper for Christmas, but I’ve reached a point where I’m scratching my head on how to progress.
I’ve completed the front, back and two arms and am about to embark on the cowl collar, but here’s where I’m out of my depth. The instructions are:
Join Right Shoulder Seam
With RS facing, pick up and knit 4 stitches evenly down left side of neck, knit across 18 stitches left on holder, pick up and knit 3 stitches evenly up right side of neck, pick up and knit 3 stitches evenly down right side of neck, knit across 18 stitches left on holder, pick up and knit 3 stitches evenly up left side of neck. 49 Stitches.

The front and back still have stitches on holders, so I get the bits about knitting across the stitches on the holders, but the rest…???

Do I put the front and back together and pick the initial stitches up through the front and back, thus joining them…?
When I knit across the stitches on the holders, I’m assuming they then come off the holders to stay on the needle?

I’m beginning to regret starting this as it’s obviously way out of my comfort and ability zones…:frowning:

Any help gratefully received.
Gary W

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Don’t be discouraged, you have come so far with this sweater and it will be a lovely gift!
You’ve done most of it already, just on the last stretch now and there is plenty of help here no matter how many times you get stuck or ask questions.

He’s a video on how to pick up and knit, there are lots of videos on how to do this if this one doesn’t suit you.

Join right shoulder seam. This is the right as you would wear it. I usually turn the work around and hold it up against myself to check I’m on the correct side.
Join this seam with your usual seaming method or mattress stitch, this shoulder seaming video has a nice result.

If your shoulder seams are not stockinette you may want to use a different seaming method, someone here can advise on that if needed.

After seaming, find the left front neck (left as you would wear it). The left shoulder has remained unseamed so that you can knit flat across the the left neck, front of sweater, right neck, back of sweater and back left neck and reach the end of row.
Turn the work to have right side facing and begin at left shoulder.
You will pick up and knit starting with the left front (left as you would wear it) the 4 stitches, this is along the neck edge and before the 18 on hold for the front. Work into the fabric with your needle creating stitches.
Then work the stitches on hold - this is easier if you slip them onto a needle first then work them as normal.
Now you have 4 + 18
Keep adding to the number of stitches on the right needle by picking up and knitting 3 from the front right neck, 3 from the back right neck, the 18 on hold for the back and finally pick up and knit 3 evenly across left back neck.

Now you have 49 stitches on the right needle and can knit flat back and forth.
The extra single stitch picked up onto the left (4 rather then 3) is probably to allow for the stitch loss when you seam later.
Your pattern may say later to seam left shoulder and neck/cowl edges in one go, one long seam which ends up sitting on the left just to the back.

I hope this can help get you through this tricky bit but please do say if it is still not clear.
Don’t regret this project, your wife is going to be thrilled.

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How thoughtful! Nothing wrong with stepping out of your comfort zone, I’m sure with Creations’ help you will get there! Good luck :slight_smile:

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I’ll work through them and try to get my head around it all, thank you very much for the help


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You’re very welcome.
Enjoy finishing this lovely gift.

Hello all,

It’s a negative update, I’m afraid; I was hoping to get it done for Christmas but in the end I had to put it to one side to finish all of my other Christmas ‘projects’. I told my wife and showed her the pattern and my efforts so far and now Christmas has passed :sleepy: and I’ve got a bit of time then it’s hopefully full speed ahead to try and finish it without having to rush it now…

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Aw, I’m sure your wife is understanding of how much time and effort a hand mare gift is.

I was just thinking recently how it seems to be the final bits of a project which take the longest.
I knitted up a cardigan in what seemed like almost no time but the weaving in of ends, seaming, setting in sleeves, these parts have taken much longer than the knitting. I still the button band to knit and feel a long way off finishing.

Enjoy your knitting without rushing.