I'm a knitting newbie

Hello, I am trying to knit a feather and fan knit blanket. I understand most of what i am reading. It start with 224 sts. Do not join in rnd, I’m guessing that means to not close into a circle, am i right?

The next sentence says; bottom edging: working back and forth across needle, knit 7 rows (garter st), noting 1st row is WS. I didnt understand pretty much everything, can someone help me understand.

Break down the sentence, what does working back and forth across needle mean? what does noting 1st row is WS mean?

Where it says Bottom Edging. That means to knit every stitch in every row for 7 rows.

“Noting 1st row is WS” means that your 1st row will be the wrong side of your blanket. Sometimes that’s important and sometimes not.

Just a quick note. This is a rather complicated feather and fan pattern. I would recommend going on to Ravelry.com and do a search for “feather and fan rainbow baby blanket”. The very first pattern that comes up is much simpler!!

Welcome to knitting and KH!!!

Thank you very much for the break down, yes it has been very confusing for me. i have been looking at sooo many youtube videos. I will check that website and pattern, thank you again Knitcindy. :blush:

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