I'm a Knitting Heretic!

I went to the KH manuals to refresh myself on a few things before my next big project… and discovered the unthinkable.

I’m a knitting heretic!

All this time, I thought I was a Continental knitter. My mentor said she had taught me Continental knitting - ha!

I’m a Combined knitter. I didn’t realize it until I watched the vids for Continental, did a :?? and said to myself “Self, something’s amiss here”.

A few more clicks of the mouse and I was face to face with my own heresy. So I changed my geek code to reflect my new scarlet status.

I’m so ashamed. :doh: :oops:

On the up side, I now know how to alter my method of increase/decrease so that I don’t screw up my sweater projects this year. Whew!

Glad you found that out! I was a semi combined knitter until I “corrected it” I now knit like everyone else, because I was purling the usual way, but knitting through the back loop. So every other row was tighter.

I was so glad to finally get why I’d been knitting so slow! Glad to know you know what you “do” now too :wink: Good luck on dem sweaters!

LOL Now will someone PLEASE explain to me this knitter’s code? :??

It’s from an article in Knitty. http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring04/FEATgeekcode.html Have fun!

Wynn, I was a knitting heretic as well! I learned to knit from an online diagram and misread directions; I ended up doing combination method knit stitches but continental method purls. It makes for an interesting pattern if you knit k1p1 ribbing (the knits look cable-y, but not quite). But, for increases and decreases, everything’s all wrong! I found that out when I made my first pair of socks–talk about wonky…The end result: I had to re-learn how to do knit stitches… :doh:

See, that’s how I found out - on the inc and dec stitches. This pair of socks I’m currently working on have a lace pattern on them - and though I was adhering to the pattern my results were not the same as the finished product in the photo.

I’ve never had a problem with how my ribbing stitches looked - but I’m definitely going to have to fix my inc dec methods (I’ve been trying to use standard methods :doh:!) This also explains a very ugly experience I had with a Norwegian mitten pattern last winter. At the time I didn’t understand why the stitches looked wrong even though I followed directions - now I do. It was all in the twist.

I feel strangely liberated now - not in a Hester Prynne, “I’m going to embroider a fabulous “KCmR” to wear on my chest” sort of liberated, but a ‘Yay one less screwup to worry over’ sort of liberated. :lol: I actually like knitting this way and am pretty quick when I get going - esp. stockinette in the round.