I'm a hat knitting fool

Let me see…

Knit dh a red beanie for xmas
Knit a yellow hat for the fetus (we were finding out the sex at birth)
Just finished a pink hat for newborn dd
Just cast on a beret for moi

Lol. I love knitting hats!

Hats are fun! I’m off to find a pattern for a cotton summer hat for someone who might or might not lose her hair. Wish me luck, please.

Good luck, Grandma!

I also love knitting hats! They are fast, fun to experiment with and east to take along. I can’t wear knit socks so this is the next best small thing for me. Strangely I don’t like to wear hats though. I donate most, but DH has gotten several. Right now I’m almost done with my “how many hats will 4 skeins of Encore make” project. :teehee:

I hope that will be my mantra this summer. After I finish the sweater I’m working on it’s on to hats for the men in my life for Christmas. I’m planning on doing the one where you start at the crown, knit to the top and then start back down again. Great double hat that’s nice and warm for the hunters in the family and those of us who live in the colder parts of the country. I’m going to try and make at least 3 maybe 4 by Christmas.


I know you’re talking to to Lovebug, but I’ll have pics as well when this final hat is done! So sick of these 4 colors! :teehee:

When I get overwhelmed with all the projects I’m doing and just need to [U]finish[/U] something–anything–I knit a hat.

For those of you who regularly start and finish things without 347 other projects interfering, you won’t know what I’m talking about, but for those of you who love to start new projects and sometimes have trouble finishing them, perhaps you’ll understand.

Hats are rewarding, refreshing, and so very manageable (and so are cowls, I just discovered).

Yes, pictures, please!

I think I posted a FO page for dd’s hat?

The other hats are here:
http://www.ravelry.com/projects/KnitCrochetWin but my rav account is in the queue for deletion so…HURRy!

You’ve got some great looking hats (and other FOs) under your wing. :thumbsup:

Now you’ve got me wondering: Why would someone delete her Ravelry account? You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to, of course, but now I’m curious.

Short answer: harassment.

I am concerned it could spill over to here so I’ll err on the side of caution and say no more.

I will say this: be VERY careful about what you post there or it could bite you where the sun don’t shine.

It makes me feel ill losing my library/faves/fo and all the hours I spent photographing and cataloging my stash.

I only post in certain groups like my low carb, survivor, or yarn store. If you just stay out of the controversial groups it’s just fine and you get to keep your library.

I agree! Quick, useful and portable project! Right now I am knitting a hat out of sock yarn (Koigu; it’s gorgeous) so it will take a while. I think I’ve made 6 hats since starting knitting 3 months ago. They’re easily my favorite!

Yeah, I heard that you could get ‘banned’ from Ravelry. I’m assuming that’s political stuff. I try to stick to yarn stuff only.

It helps if you make sure to post in appropriate groups I think. There are political, religious, TV, etc groups. Sometimes post are deleted as inappropriate. I think he biggest thing that can get you in trouble is a post that gets personal.

Oh, that’s too bad. I thought that Ravelry didn’t allow that kind of thing??? I really only use Rav to keep track of patterns I want to make and every now and then ask a question of a designer. I’m sorry you have to go to such lengths to get people to leave you alone.

There’s a group dedicated to…nastiness and they allow it to remain.

When I had trouble initially, nothing was done. See, they have 3, 000, 000 users and can’t do much about bullying etc. I have heard similar complaints by other people.

Someone said something…horrible about my newborn daughter so I decided anyplace that permits vile people like that isn’t the place for me.

A friend of mine is having even scarier problems.

Rav is great for patterns but…stay away from any but the main boards.

Anyway, I’m nearly finished the beret. :smiley:

I’m going to block it with a dinner plate. Can’t wait for my husband’s expression when he sees me shoving a hat over a plate. Lol

That’s horrible! I don’t even want to know what nasty things were said, you obviously don’t want to go into it more. Anyhow, is there a way to change your user name so you don’t have to lose everything and then this new user name just doesn’t get involved anywhere else? There is one forum I posted to a few times there, I was marginally involved in a KAL for a sweater, other than that I look at patterns.

I changed it but…they can still post stalk me etc. It doesn’t make me incognito. :confused:

I joines a beret/hat group and a designer that had freebie patterns threw me an invite. I’m uber cautious now (with my new account. )