I'm a GENIOUS... easy design idea

Remember the thread I had about 25 things to do with swatches? Well, if not, this won’t make as much sense.

If you’re a weirdo, and like to keep swatches, here’s something you can do with them. Assuming they are 4x4" swatches (let’s just say 4"), you can stack them up cube/square/rectangle ways to get an idea of how big you want a bag, potholder, a scarf, a needle case, whatever. And since you’ve got your swatches RIGHT THERE, you can measure up your gauge and figure out exactly how many stitches you need to cast on…how many rows, whatver.

Now, you could simulate all of this of course with 4 inch squares of paper, cardboard, index cards…and so on. I included this for non-swatch keepers…I know you are out there!

Isn’t that cool?

YES! COOL! I am a swatch keeper… i felted mine into coasters for cheap last minute gifts.

sounds very cool…but… :frowning: i am not a keeper of the swatch… :thinking: perhaps this should change…hmmmm


KellyK in falsetto, gravelly Yoda voice

[size=6]A keeper of the swatch you MUST be, young Knit-I! Guide your GAUGE, the force will![/size]

My imagination just works WAY too hard. :shifty:[/img]

LOL!!! Now, if someone could take Yoda’s pic and make it look like he was knitting…

:roflhard: Kelly, that’s awesome. Especially “Young Knit-I” ROFL.

Denise, i get it, took me a minute. So you use the swatches as a measuring/sizing tool? I guess if you were a Super Knit-I and did the garter stitch border some folks do, it would work well. I’m a Slacker Knit-I, and just do all stockinette on my swatches, so they roll and would be a bit unsuited to the task I’m afraid. :blush:

KellyK/Yoda, help me! I’m a Slacker Knit-I. I need guidance!

Oooo, now here’s a way I can relate my hobby to my DH’s restrained yet serious devotion to Star Wars…
(waving hand across face…)“It’s o.k. to buy more yarn…There is always room for yarn” :lol:
Hmmm. maybe I’ll start an OT on how to incorporate knit/crochet into our fave movie titles… Could be fun!
Sign me,
ObiYarnKnitobi :eyebrow:

I’m new to knitting and think it sounds like a great idea! I pledge to become a swatch-keeper! :smiley:

well i have a blog that i haven’t used yet that is named Chronicles of Yarnia…does that count?

Sure it counts, prospective blog keeper.

Swatch keepers rule!

Yes, Amy I use some swatches as a visual measuring device. I’m dyslexic as can be, esp. when it comes to numbers and/or visualizing things. I have to measure biscuit dough to make sure its really a 1/4" thick…speaking of a spare needle gauge is awesome for that.

Oddly though, I can spot an 8mm bead or a 2.5" headpin out of a line up. It’s quite strange!!!

It’s o.k. to buy more yarn…There is always room for yarn
That’s great…we need that on a t-shirt with Yoda.[/quote]

I’d assume that your swatches are still the size they need be, and you just pin your edges down to get your measurement. If so, you could just pin down your swatches on your carpet to get the same visual…but only if you’re as crazy as I am.

We need one of those boards quilters use…you can just stick the fabric to it. That would be cooool to have.


Who’s gonna be FROGGA the HUT?


I do tend to frog things quite frequently!

:roflhard: :roflhard:
I TOTALLY HEARD Yoda say that.
:roflhard: :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard:
I TOTALLY HEARD Yoda say that.
:roflhard: :roflhard:[/quote]

I totally think you need to go to rehab if you HEARD Yoda say that.

Luke, I am your frogger!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: