I'm a dizzy blonde

Ok…you will all be laughing at me. I am a newbie. My dds took a knitting class and because they had problems, I got the “kids knitting” book from the library and taught myself so I could help them. I knitted quite a long ribbed scarf which my mil thought looked beautiful. She is a knitting expert, but lives several hundred miles away. I decided to try to make a sweater for my 2yo ds. It is done in one piece with only finishing under the arms. I have been doing ok until I got to this section of the directions:

Next row (divide for neck opening), knit 39 sts (45, 50), join new ball of yarn, bind off next 7 sts, work rem 39 (45, 50). Working both sides at once, each on a separate ball of yarn, keeping pattern as established, work for 5, (6, 6 1/2) inches MORE, ending on a wrong side row

My mil told me just to knot the yarn on. Is this ok? I am using an acrylic yarn. I was able to bind off 7 stiches, but I am not sure what to do next. I continued down the row k1p1 using two threads instead of one. Is this correct? I just don’t understand what “work both sides at once” means.

For further reference, follow the link to the pattern http://margarethubertoriginals.com/newpage2.htm

Please help me!! I am such a newbie :??


welcome 7mommy!!!

You could just knot the yarn, if you like, but it might be neater to leave a bit of a tail to weave in. If you do tie a know, try to do it so it won’t show.

With the neck opening… You’ve got 39 stitches connected to 1 ball of yarn (well say ball 1) on your right needle, then some bound of stitches, and 39 stitches on your left needle… Just attach a new ball (ball 2) , and work the rest of those 39 stitches. When you’ve finished thatrow, turn your work, and keep knitting (or purling, or whatever th pattern says) with ball #2. Then when you egt to the bound off stitches, skip over to the other 39 stitches and knit them with ball 1, which is already connected. Then, turn, knit with ball1, skip the BOs, knit with ball 2…
The pattern tells you to do both sides at once with seperate balls, so that both sides will be the same length when you’re finished. Hope that Helps! You can start a blog in the “blog threads” forum OR start a new topin in general (or wherever!!) and post pics of your progress. Good luck! :thumbsup:

PS. I learned from a friend who learned from a kids book! then I had to check out the kids book too!!!

Yep … what she said … :smiley: