I'm a born again knitting virgin

I have recently taken up knitting (again). I thought I would start by making a trivet… simple enough square shape, right?. And I thought I would get really crazy and felt it - I hear it’s all the rage. So, please set me straight or confirm my knowledge (or lack thereof). In my mind I am picturing a (loose) straight up stockinette stitched square of wool yarn a little over twice as big as I want the finished product? Please, correct me if I’m wrong… or just hook me up with a cinchy pattern!

P.S. Any other fabulously easy ideas for a (kind of) first project? I’m thinking holiday gift giving here…

I think that sounds like a FANTASTIC idea!

Sounds great and should turn out fab- be sure to post a pick when you’re done!!
BTW- there are lots of great free patterns on the site and I think there was a pattern that Amy posted for felting that you could cut the finished object into a shape.
Have fun!!

I am off to my very favorite yarn store around these here parts - I can almost not breathe. Thanks a bundle to all my new BFFs at knittinghelp.com! I am SOOOOO pumped I stumbled upon this gem of a site!
Here’s me later… :XX: Yippee!

Tara–if you’re that excited about going to the yarn shop, you definitely belong here! :rofling:

Here’s a great site that has lots of dishcloth patterns. Nice small easy first project, they make good gifts too. Good luck!