I'm a beginner!

I moved from Texas to Minnesota in June so i decided to take up knitting since I now live in a COLD part of the country. I got a “kit” for Christmas from my 12 year old and it was fairly good on the basics. I knitted a scarf with LOTS of mistakes but I felt good with the accomplishment. Now I’m working on a felted bag in the knit stitch only. I do have questions and I’m so glad to have this site to help me out! Thanks. :smiley:

:cheering: Welcome to the forum!!! :happydance:

Welcome!! We’re glad to have you!

welcome! i :heart: felted bags, so i can’t wait to see yours!

Welcome from a fellow beginner. This site is definitely the place to learn and get great answers to your questions.

Welcome! I’m sure you are going to LOVE it here!!!


Welcome to the forum! :cheering:

Welcome! I started knitting last April, and this has been a wonderful place to get help and ideas. Very friendly and supportive. Yeah, KH! :cheering:

We have friends in Houston. Where did you live in Texas? Where are you living in Minnesota? That’s just a little bit of a change, going from Texas to Minnesota! :teehee:

Welcome!!! :waving: You poor thing I can’t imagine going from TX to Minn. My DH is one of the Frozen Chosen. He left Minn. in the 60’s and has only gone back a few time and only once in the winter.

I look forward to seeing your bag.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

Welcome to the site. I am also a beginner and a brand new member. It is a very friendly forum with tons of available help.