Im a beginner so please b nice

ok, i dont know how to make my tail go away when i knit. it’s just there, and i dont know what to do. i’ve looked on a bunch of sites but it never mentions anything about the tail and what to when u have cast-on enough stitches. help?

First of all, we’re always nice. :smiley: See? Second, the tail after you’ve cast on can be woven in when you’re done. Just let it hang there. Some people leave it long to use to seam up the side. As a beginner, though, I wouldn’t leave it long because you might accidentally use it to knit with in the first few rows.

Think of it as a yarn “end”. Just leave it until you’re finished knitting, and weave it in when you weave in all the other ends.

Some folks knit it in with the first few stiches but they may be confusing for a newbie. Ditto what everyone else said. Just leave it. Then when yer done take a tapestry needle and kinda “sew” the yarn back and forth in the little bumps in the back of the work so that it dissapears.