I'm a Beginner and I Don't Know What to Do!

I’ve been knitting for years so I’m not exactly a beginner, but my skill is beginner-level since I’ve never tried to make anything more complex than a hat. (I only recently discovered how to make a cable pattern!)
So, I’ve been trying to make sense of the directions for this.
I can make out what the first page says, but not what the second page says. I’m lost at "CO 48 sts between first and second scarf. Work remaining scarf to end in pattern. Turn. (100 sts)"
It started off with 26 stitches. When did it turn into 48? Everything, including this, is gibberish. I really want to make this for a friend, so could someone please dumb it down for me?

You make two scarves and join them with the hood stitches. Those are the 48 stitches that you’ll cast on to join them. 26 + 48 + 26 = 100 stitches total.

With any pattern that looks complicated, I suggest that you just forge on, line by line. Don’t look too far ahead. It’s kind of like looking at page 8 of the directions for building a bicycle. “Fit flange B into slot C.”–until you have flange B and slot C in front of you, it makes no sense. Very often with knitting, until you have the piece in front of you, it’s impossible to visualize how it will all come together.

When I first started out knitting, I used patterns from Lion brand’s site, www.lionbrandyarn.com. These are categorized according to your skill level. I started out with beginner patterns, went to intermediate, and then on to advanced as my skills improved. If you don’t know how to do something, you can google it, search for tutorials on Youtube, or ask someone in forums such as this one. I had some patterns that were very difficult for me. I set them aside. A year or so later, I was able to do them with ease because my skills improved. This may be what you need to do with this pattern. I’m not trying to discourage you, but if you don’t get it don’t take this as a personal failure. You will eventually learn.

Hrmmm… I still don’t get it. :confused:
It hurts my head to look at it now! I keep thinking that if I try harder, I’ll understand, but I just don’t. :stuck_out_tongue:
For now, I’m going to set this aside and make something that’s closer to my skill level.
I have now joined Lion Brand, so I’ll be practicing toward a higher level. I know I’ll understand it in the future once I practice enough.
I definitely appreciate the kind encouragement that you two have given me. Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

You’ve made 2 short scarves on the same needle. Work across the stitches of one of them, then cast on 48 stitches for the base of the hood. Use the knit or cable cast on by turning your work so the working yarn is in the left hand. CO the sts, then put the needle back into your right hand and do the stitches of the other scarf. The two pieces will be attached then and you work on all 100 stitches.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to put something aside. I think some part of your mind is always on it because suddenly there’s an ‘Aha!’ and you can finish the pattern.
Did you make the 2 scarves at the beginning of the project?