I'm a bad girl

I can’t help it! I was on vacation! (still am) and we passed by a yarn store that had a 20% off sale sign in te window. It was only 4 skeins and it was baby alpaca!!! SOoooooo soft. I’ll just make a nice hat for my son cuz he needs one. Oh why oh why am I addicted to yarn!! They must put crack in it I swear!!!

Oops! Forgot the photo

You go girl!!!:hug: I went with hubbiness to casper Wy for one of his training seminars for work. And while he was there, the first thing I did was look in the phone book for a yarn store!
Found one and went n spent about 50 bucks!! LOL!!!:x: :thumbsup:
So yer just knotty that’s all.

You are such a tease :stuck_out_tongue: and yes there is crack in yarn cause dang it I’m addicted to the stuff. I am no longer allowed in Hobby Lobby, Micheals or any craft store unsuervised. DH has to chaperone me to make sure I don’t spents a bunch of $$$$ on yarn.

Very yummy yarn! I like the color too. I don’t see a thing bad about buying more yarn :wink: Can’t wait to see it made up into your son’s hat.

I know the feeling. I was just browsing Ravelry the other day, right? Nothing so harmful about that. But… there was a banner for a 10% off coupon for Ravelry users. So I clicked. And… they had a decent price on Malabrigo… and then, what with the 10% off and all, it was actually a pretty good deal…

And… they were running out… and I had to make a snap decision… and…

Okay, so I can’t justify it, but I happen to have a fair amount of the cuddly joy headed my way. Oops?

Wow, people come here for training seminars? That’s amazing…

OMG Femmy!!! :roflhard:

OMG!!! suz, ya’ll go to that little yarn shop over there by dollar general??? on 12th??? That’s where I spent my hubbies hard earned casshhhhh!! Small world huh??:thumbsup: :hug: :noway:
Yeah he was going to wild well control school.

I’ve been in there, but I’m just not that jazzed about `real’ yarn, I guess. And I’m probably spoiled by Hobby Lobby and Hancock’s prices, not to mention knitpicks. I don’t care for Noro or having to hand wash everything I make, so stick to acrylics or washable blends.

Ahhh, wells. That explains it…

awww heck suz,
I like the affordable stuff as well, I have 4 large tubs of it. And KP is my personal friend,( I wish LOL) but then ya’ll get a chance to go into someplace with all that gourmet yarn and well dang, yer eyes glaze over, you start mumbling to yerself, you go wobbly at the knees, and ya just got to buy something to keep the voices in your head from overwhelming you ROFL:roflhard: Can you tell I don’t have a yarn shoppe within a hundred miles of me?? LOL. Even Hobby lobby is over 50 miles away, dang:waah: .
Yeah, the company my hubby works for has a huge yard over on the other side of town there.

If you’re ever in Laramie, there’s a nice yarn shop there. We went 'sploring one day and I went in and fondled stuff I only hear about on the internets… Mostly, I don’t need to buy anything, I have a really large stash picked up here and there - thrift store, sales, and some from a mill outlet from Michigan when I lived there.

Well, it just goes to show ya, we’re all alike. Went into my LYS this afternoon for ONE SKEIN of yarn, spent $68.30! Kind of had to [SIZE=“1”]sneak[/SIZE] it in the house, he only saw the book, I think . . . Seems when I go in there I get :zombie: -ized.

right on, Femmy! that yarn looks delicious, I"m sure he’ll really love his hat! ::cheering:

Don’t feel guilty about buying yarn… it is one of the good addictions!!