Illusion knitting


From what I understand, illusion knitting is knit sideways. I would like to know if the finished project has to be placed sideways to see the illusion. I am trying to knit a hanging illusion dishtowel from a dishcloth pattern and I am not sure where to attach the topper. I appreciate any help regarding this issue.:knitting:

You can either view the illusion looking sideways or up/down depending on how the rows are oriented. You can see what I mean in some of the examples here.
You usually view the illusion looking perpendicular to the rows so you can orient your pattern as you wish.

The illusion patterns that I’ve knit have the illusion worked so you see the illusion when you look up or down at it.

Some patterns are worked the other way. The chart that you’re using should show how the illusion is oriented.

In the picture, it looks sideways. Your answer is very helpful.

I am doing a illusion scarf and have done a wash cloth I think that your towel will look like a striped towel until its tossed on the counter then the design will pop out… it could be fun to make and see the reactions from those that aren’t in on the secret…LOL I enjoy the process and its quite easy to do too… Ronie

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Shadow knitting, or illusion knitting, is a process of knitting such that the finished piece has a hidden image only viewable from an angle.