Illusion Knitting Chart HELP!

Okay I am a tad confused and I am probably over thinking this.
But this is the pattern/chart I am working on.

Now I understand I start at the bottom and read from right to left, BUT what do I do when I have to go from left to right? Do I continue with the pattern even though it says work from chart on wrong side rows or do I just knit or purl.

Sorry if I am confusing you. But I am new to illusion knitting and would love to get this down since I found an illusion blanket I would love to knit for my son later. But I felt doing dishclothes for pratice and to get it down would be a better idea to start.


For flat knitting a chart is read from L to R on the WS rows. So work those rows as charted since they’re given on the chart.

For the chart in your pattern, you have to remember to do 4 rows for every chart row. The directions explain them as rows 1a-1d and they are clear about when to knit the row and when to combine knit and purl sts on a row.
If you want to see a more specific chart for a heart, try this site which shows each row as you would work them for Illusion knitting.

Thanks for the links and for the help.

As I said I am knew to illusion and chart reading and yes I read the directions but they were confusing me even more.