Illusion Knitters' Input Please

I haven’t gotten much input on Ravelry in the Illusion Knitters group. I couldn’t get my hands on the listed illusion alphabet so I made my own, but I’m pretty new at this…I just now got my brain around this whole illusion thing and it IS working out.

Here’s my free illusion alphabet on Ravelry and also on my blog.

Someone on the illusion group said I didn’t have to go to the trouble of charting each letter individually, but for myself I know I needed it. If anyone has had any illusion knitting input on improving this, please let me know here.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know much about illusion knitting but I like your blog page. If you don’t mind I will send some of my friends who are of like mind there. I must admit I never could stand the television show Monk!

Thanks, of course you can tell anyone you want about my blog, that’s why it’s there. I didn’t want to start a new knitting blog (got rid of my old one after Ravelry).

I forgive you for not liking Monk :muah:. :teehee:

I don’t know what illusion knitting is, and I’ve never seen Monk (it’s on at a time that I can’t watch), but your blog is beautiful!

Did they mean you don’t have to chart each [U]row[/U] (not each letter)? I have seen illusion charts charted that way, just 1 row of chart for each 2 rows of knitting.

If that’s what you mean, I’m with you - I need to see all 4 rows charted separately. I’ve done a few illusion knits, 2 prs of socks and a couple dishcloths. I remember one of the socks was charted 1 chart row for 2 rows of knitting and I just had to take the time to chart it row by row in an excel/spreadsheet. It really didn’t take long.

Thanks, yes, that’s what they meant, that I didn’t need to chart all for rows for each. I personally NEED the 4 rows.

I’m with you on that one! I need to see all 4 rows too.

Forgot to mention - cute scarf idea.

The charts appear to be accurate. I didn’t scrutinize them fully, just glanced thru them. Nicely done!

Thanks, I’ll be doing a non-sideways alphabet chart soon.

I was looking for something new to do and saw your post. Sorry people for bumping this up but I want to thank Arielluria for the illusion alphabets.

Illusion knitting is always interesting and topical. We just had a post about knit alphabets in illusion as a matter of fact.

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