Illusion knitted stuff

I love this Illusion knitting!!I have done a few squares just to see how the patterns work.The purple & gold is a scarf is for grandson who likes football so of course I had to do Viking colors just a zig zag kind of design.The Dragonfly hat is for youngest grandson. The other patterns are Hedwig and a snowflake. All made with Caron Simply Soft

It is great. The hat looks fantastic and i would have to say that your work is fantastic as always :slight_smile:

I like it too. I really love your work!
i wanna do it! i wanna do it!

It looks like you’re addicted :teehee: Illusion knitting is like cables - it looks hard to non-knitters and they go hu-ha about it… But it’s actually fun and easy!

Here is a link to Illusion patterns try it you’ll love it

:woohoo: They look great!! Illusion knitting is a lot of fun…

Hereis a shop on etsy that sells some patterns too… I keep thinking I’ll try to come up with an Elvis one :teehee:

They look fabulous! I love that effect.

How do you do that?? I am going to read up on it because I haven’t done illusion knitting yet. It looks fun. Great job!

Those are so cool! I especially love the dragonfly and the snowflake-great job!

If you do a search for free illusion knitting patterns, quite a few of them come up too.

Those are super cool - great job! :hug:

Nice job!! This is something I want to try sometime!

Wow! Interesting work!

Those are awesome!!! Y’know, you’re just adding to my already long list of things I want to do. I think I’m gonna have to bump illusion way up on that list. :hiding:

Looks really cool. Great job!

Wow, that’s cool! Nice work.

I didn’t know knitting could have such cool effects. I looked through all of the projects you linked to and now I’m gonna try it. Thanks.:cheering:

This is such a cool technique. All yours look great!