Illusion Knitted hat

Made a Illusion hat for grandson (11 years old) and it’s waaaaaaaaay to big for him:roflhard: Had to make it that big to get the picture in.Will have to use smaller needle size and lighter weight yarn to make it fit him.I made this chart myself.It’s called Deception from the Transformers.

It looks great. My husband would love that. Great job!!!

:happydance: Very cool!!

WOW! That looks fantastic Julie! Shame it des not fit him. I am sure he will eventually grow into it … One day lol
Great job :slight_smile:

Cool hat! And I hope you didn’t have to take it all out to make the smaller one. He can wear it later as someone else said. The illusion thing is cool.

Very cool!

How cute is that?! GREAT job!

:thumbsup: [/CENTER]

That’s soooo cool!

Very cool, especially that you made the design yourself!

Nice work!

That is so cool!! Love it!!

That’s neat! I’ve not seen illusion knitting applied to anything other than dishcloths and scarves. Your good at “thinking outside the box” as they say.

I’m impressed that you designed it yourself. Illusion knitting sure looks cool. :slight_smile: