I'll be back

when I am feeling better. It has been the weekend from hell. I had my grandchildren for Dh’s work party. They were here all weekend and are still here. I took sick on Friday night with a furious cold. I have no voice. I am hot and cold and sore and miserable. We got snowed in so the kids are still here. They go home tonight and then I can go to bed and sleep. I’ll be back when I feel better.

AWWWW i wish you better my friend. Take it easy and relax. Make speedy recovery for Christmas. x

Oh no, I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well! I hope you recover quickly once you can get some rest. Take care of yourself!

oh no~so sorry to hear that. I think Theraflu works wonders if you can get that! Feel better!

I was wondering why you hadn’t posted in a few days. Get well and then come back to us! :hug:

:hug: and have a cup of hot tea. Hope you are feeling better soon and can enjoy the holiday season!

Oh no Christine! I hope you get some time to rest soon. Drink some mint tea- it will work wonders!

Hope you’ll feel better soon :hug:

Hope you feel better soon and if you find a cure send it this way!

Celestial Seasonings - Candy Cane Lane - tastes like Christmas and is oh so good when you are sick! It got me through a rough patch this same time last year! Hope you are feeling better soon!

:hug: Hope you feel better soon!!

OMG the horrors from hell have gone home, but not before they ripped my house apart, peed on my couch and broke the china angel in my precious nativity scene (and then lied his face off about it and tried to blame it on my poor DH who was at work when the “accident” occured [you know it was an accident Gramma, I didn’t mean to fire the dart gun at it and hit it and break it and then hide the broken piece behind the stable]). I was too sick to pay the attention needed for two active (one ADHD with no meds because we got snowed in and ran out of the meds the day before) kids. Their mother sat her ass at home in her brand new comfy house and waited until supper time to come and get them. I am so very sick. DH has just gone to the pharmacy to get me some no name tylenol and then I am going to bed for a week or so. No knitting has been done in days. HER scarves are NOT done and right now I don’t care if they ever get done.

Shar thanks for the suggestion, I will try and find some on payday (Wednesday). For now I have my wonderful mint tea that my swapper sent me for Christmas and that will do for now.

Thanks for being a place I could speak my mind. I am so upset right now and it sure is not fair to take it out on my DH. He was very good and watched the terrors yesterday, once we got back from the party and while I tried to sleep past their screaming. He also shovelled all the snow that landed, plus played Santa for all the kids at the party. He was one tired man last night. I felt so badly for him but did not have the strength to help with anything.

Good night, he’s back from the store. It’s bedtime.

Get some rest hun because when you’re better, I’m dragging you to a yarn store to stop me from doing something I’ll regret.

Your husband sounds like an angel! :slight_smile: Get some sleep, I hope you are feeling better very soon! You’re always welcome to speak your mind here. :slight_smile:

Forcing myself to sit up for a while. I am gonna try knitting for a bit and see how that goes. I still have no voice and now I have (to put it delicately) the galloping goes!